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Fort George 3-Way IPA 2017 16oz Can

Fort George - Oregon Coast

This fruit-forward haze of Azacca, X331, Mosaic, and Citra hops plays on a balanced bassline of malt with a wicked unfiltered keytar solo. 3-Way IPA 2017 is a juicy collaboration between Fort George, Great Notion, and Reuben’s Brews that strikes a smooth, electric gold riff on a Vermont style. Available at Pacific Northwest venues summer 2017 — drink fresh and keep those cans cold-stored.

$6.00 16oz
IPA | ABV:7% | hp | sc

Block 15 Sticky Hands Imp. IPA

Tap#1 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

This hop experience ale features ample additions of sticky, resinous, lupulin packed hop buds grown in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy a hop decrescendo that begins with an aromatic blast of tropical fruits, citrus and dank herbs, transitions into intense hop flavor and then ends with a subtle bitter finish. Gently propped up by pale malted barley and fermented with specially selected brewer’s yeast designed to balance this immense hop experience.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:8.1% | IBU:110 | hp

Rogue Cold Brew IPA

Tap#2 Rogue - Oregon Coast

Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Cold Brew Coffee is blended with an IPA made using Rogue Farms hops for a unique interplay of hops and coffee flavors. Opening with a huge hit of rich coffee aroma that is balanced by a not-so-subtle hop punch, the transition is seamless from one bold flavor to the next.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Spiced / Special | ABV:7.5% | IBU:82

Oregon City Glass Elevator Trip IPA

Tap#3 Oregon City Brewing Co. - Portland Metro Area

We’ve obliterated the ceiling with this monstrous triple IPA. It’s big, bold, and goes wherever it wants.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Triple IPA | ABV:10% | IBU:100

Mazama Green Magic Fresh Hop Pale

Tap#4 Mazama Brewing - Willamette Valley

We chose Centennial hops to make a fruity melange that showcases some of the best hop flavors to be found. The malt takes a back seat to the hops on this one. Don’t let the low IBUs fool you – this beer has loads of hop character from two huge hop additions late in the kettle and in the brite tank.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Fresh Hop | ABV:5.5% | IBU:40

Hopworks Total Blackout FH CDA

Tap#5 Hopworks Urban - Portland Metro Area

Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale made with hops picked during the 2017 Solar Eclipse at Goschie Farms in the Willamette Valley.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Fresh Hop | ABV:8.5% | IBU:43

Climate City Nookie IPA

Tap#7 Hopworks Urban - Southern Oregon

With the big hop profile you expect in a NW IPA, this one is sure to put a smile on any Hop Head’s face.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.7% | IBU:65

Ex Novo Fresh Hop Eliot IPA

Tap#8 Ex Novo - Portland Metro Area

Fresh hop version of Eliot brewed with Amarillo hops.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Fresh Hop | ABV:6.6% | IBU:65

Allegory Fresh Pints FH Sour

Tap#9 Allegory Brewing

Fresh Hop Centennial sour brewed in collaboration with Crosby Hop Farm.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Fresh Hop | ABV:42%

Ninkasi First Rule IPA $5

Tap#10 Ninkasi - Willamette Valley

First rule of this IPA is: you do not talk about this IPA. Crafted in secrecy by our band of brewers, First Rule uses a fistful of the most sought-after hops around. Juicy, citrusy, tropical and dank, this IPA is a powerful combination of hop aroma and flavor.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:7.5% | IBU:60

Level Game On! Fresh Hop Pale

Tap#11 Level Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Pale ale fresh hopped with Centennial hops.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Fresh Hop | ABV:6%

Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack IPA

Tap#12 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

The awesome blend of Columbus, Citra, Amarillo, and Smcoe Hops bombard this IPA with flavors of citrus, tropical fruit, and a little bit of pine. The light malt flavor comes from 2-row barley and a touch of crystal malt. 2012 GABF Silver. 2013 National Champion.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.2% | IBU:80 | hp


Tap#13 Block 15

The DAB Lab series focuses on vibrant, resinous hoppy ales brewed with CO2 hop extract and select hop varieties. Lil Dab tunes our experimental IPA series for sunny summer drinking, blending extractions from a trio of citrusy and tropical hops with a clean yeast profile and crushable 4.5% ABV.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:4.5%

Hopworks Fest Of Fury

Tap#14 Hopworks Urban - Portland Metro Area

First is Fest of Fury, our organic Oktoberfest Bier. Fest of Fury judo chops your palate with a fresh floral, fruity and slightly orangey hop aroma backed by a medium bodied, toasted caramel malt flavor.  Brewed with 100 pounds of beautiful Certified Salmon Safe “wet” Willamette hops from Goschie Farms (Silverton, OR).  This fest beer brings back memories of Munchen while celebrating the hops of Oregon and will have us all cheering, “Eins, Zwei, Zuffa!”

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster

Coalition Two Flowers CBD And Hemp IPA

Tap#15 Coalition - Portland Metro Area

The base style is a west coast IPA that is light, crisp, bitter and refreshing. But in an effort to showcase the synergy between hops and hemp we’ve infused this beer with both hemp juice and CBD oil.  The bitter grassiness from the hemp juice augments the hop bitterness, while the citrusy terpenes in the CBD oil mirror the aromatics and hop flavors. 6 % 55 IBUs – 5 mg of CBD per 10oz glass!

$6.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Spiced / Special | ABV:6% | IBU:55

Double Mountain Killer Green Fresh Hop IPA

Tap#16 Double Mountain - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

It’s harvest time! Sodbuster Farms in the Willamette Valley graced us with some beautiful Centennial and Simcoe hops straight from the vine. Fresh, bright evergreen, red fruit and blood orange lead the way, pulling juicy pine and kind herb in tow through the finish.  Be green. Drink Killer Green. 7.6 % ABV, 95 IBU

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Fresh Hop | ABV:7.6% | IBU:95

Laurelwood Fresh Hop Free Range Red

Tap#17 Laurelwood - Portland Metro Area

Made with 160#’s of fresh Cascade hop goodness from Goschie farms. This rich copper-colored Northwest style red is medium in body. Its caramel sweetness blends with smooth hop flavors to create a balanced and drinkable beer.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Fresh Hop | ABV:5.6% | IBU:60

Barley Brown’s Forklift IIPA

Tap#19 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

This is the big version of our popular Pallet Jack IPA. Deep golden in color and packed with Simcoe, Columbus, Citra, Chinook, Amarillo, and Ahtanum hops.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:9% | IBU:90

Double Mountain Killer Red

Tap#20 Double Mountain - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Mother Nature is a wonder. Each year she decrees what her bounty will bring, regardless of what we think it should be. Thusly, Sodbuster Farms in Salem brought us Perle early this year. Luckily, we were ready and willing. The consortium of the hops and malt provide the Killer Red with aromas of spiced blood orange, pineapple, granny smith, and forest. A healthy malt bill balances the top end and lends candied fruit, biscuit, and caramel character to the tongue. When life hands you hops, make fresh hop beer!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Fresh Hop | ABV:7.3% | IBU:85 | hp

Yachats Perpetua Xtra Pale

Tap#21 Yachats - Oregon Coast

extra pale made with light malts but still has great flavor and the perfect ABV.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:6%

Vanguard Organic Wit

Tap#22 Vanguard Brewing - Portland Metro Area

True to style, this beer is brewed with unmalted wheat, barley and a little bit of oats to smooth out the crisp twang. We stepped it up a notch by using organic grains and yeast in this batch. Just as cloudy, light in color and delicious, one taste and we’re sure it will become a favorite of not just the brewer, but of yours too!

​HOPS: Tettnanger, Cascade

$5.00 20oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Wit | ABV:3.8% | IBU:13

Heater Allen Lenzbock

Tap#23 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

Maibock or Helles Bock, is the last beer of Germany’s Starkbier (strong beer) season. It is the transition beer from the Bocks, Porters, and Dopplebocks of winter to the Pils, Helles, and Wheat beers of summer. The Lenzbock has a sweet malt aroma and flavors with a slight bitter note on the finish.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:6.75% | IBU:35

Pelican Kiwanda Cream

Tap#24 Pelican - Oregon Coast

Kiwanda Cream Ale is pale gold with a fruity, floral hop aroma. A sweet malty flavor and a smooth dry finish round out this tasty, refreshing brew!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Cream | ABV:5.1% | IBU:25

Block 15 Duke IV Hefe-Weissbier

Tap#25 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Duke IV is a Hefe-Weissbier (or Hefeweizen) brewed in the old German tradition, with imported German wheat and pilsner malts, gentle hopping and fermented with a Bavarian yeast. It pours a cloudy golden pint with a thick, oversized white head. Aromas of fruits and spice, crisp wheat flavor, with a smooth, drinkable finish. Served in our traditional Weissbier glass.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Hefe | ABV:5.1% | IBU:21 | hp

Baerlic Early Bird Fresh Hop Pale

Tap#26 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Centennial fresh hops on the Dank side.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Fresh Hop | ABV:5%

Heater Allen Pilsner

Tap#27 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

Heater Allen’s take of the renowned Bohemian-style pale lager. It’s a little more golden, rounder, and a little more malt driven than many other versions.  The beer possesses strong hop character that is balanced by its rich, round, malty palate.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:4.9% | IBU:35 | hp

Wayfinder Oktoberfest Wiesn

Tap#29 Wayfinder Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Light golden Oktoberfest beer.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler

Boneyard Diablo Rojo

Tap#30 Boneyard - Central Oregon

This deep amber ale is extremely well balanced and very drinkable. It appeals both to the hop lover and non hop lover. This beer is duel-hopped with Cascade and Delta hops. Cheers to the Red Devil!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Red | ABV:5.5% | IBU:30

Ninkasi Helles Belles Lager $3

Tap#31 Ninkasi - Willamette Valley

Helles Belles is a traditional German-style lager brewed with premium pilsner malt and bittered with Hallertau hops. Originally brewed for the Oregon Brewers Festival, Helles (meaning light) is straw yellow in color, bright, and crisp. So for those about to rock, Ninkasi proudly presents Helles Belles!

$3.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:5.3%

Stormbreaker Stormtoberfest

Tap#32 Stormbreaker Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Munich apparent in the biscuity malt aroma. Sweet with breadiness, but balanced with noble hops, this Marzen ale deep orange in appearance with a cry mouthfeel, will surely take you back to Munich. Prost!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster

Rosenstadt Festbier

Tap#33 Rosenstadt Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Rosenstadt Festbier is deep copper in color, with aromas of fresh bread, golden raisin and walnut, accompanied by noble hop bitterness.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster

Occidental Alt

Tap#34 Occidental - Portland Metro Area

Our take on Dusseldorf’s broad style features our most complex grain bill, which produces a malty, amber beer with a lot of flavor. Saphir hops give it a spicy, noble aroma and delicious hop profile. Definitely on the hoppy side for this style of beer.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
German | ABV:5.5%

Agrarian Clairvoyance Sour Wheat

Tap#35 Agrarian

Sunny summer is the perfect time for tart and sour beers (at least we think anyway)! This wheat beer is tart from an additional ferment with a Lactobacillus culture previous to the traditional ferment with, you guessed it, a Belgian yeast! This base sets the stage for the real star of the show, Clary Sage. Several acres of our farm are planted with this biennial for seed harvest, so during peak bloom we were inspired by its perfumery smell and created a beer to celebrate it. We procured the help of a couple little fairies to pick each and every flower that went into the kettle, lending their musky, peppery, pineapple-y aromas and flavors to this complex brew. Known for its calming and tension relieving qualities, enjoy the prized essence of Clary Sage in your next farm-to-glass beer!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Wheat | ABV:4.9%

Double Mountain Kerosene Hat Pale

Tap#36 Double Mountain

Imagine yourself sitting on your old chaise lounger, sun shining, record spinning, beer in hand. Ah yes. That sounds heavenly. This pale pacer belts out a song of tropic forest, herbal flower, and pine, finishing light, crisp and refreshing. Everything seems like a dream, and life’s a scream, when you’re submarine.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:5.6% | IBU:45

Heater Allen Dunkel

Tap#37 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

Very few American breweries produce dunkels, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help set things right. This is the beer that made Munich famous. The challenge is getting the color right without using too much black malt, as this beer shouldn’t display that character. We use 90% Munich Malt in the grist, along with a small amount of Amber and Caramel Malt and less than 1% Carafa (a German Black Malt). The beer is dark brown/red in color, with both malt and subtle hop aromas. The beer shows strong and complex malt character, with a hint of milk chocolate. The hops take a back seat to the malt, and only keep things in balance. This beer is great with aged cheeses like cheddar and gouda, sauteed mushrooms, or braised meats and sausage. (1.014 BG, 6.00%, 24 IBU, 14 SRM)

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
German | ABV:6% | IBU:24

Vanguard Hefe

Tap#38 Vanguard Brewing - Willamette Valley

Our cloudy, golden-colored Hefeweizen is a true to form, traditional Bavarian style beer, brewed with European grain and hops. The German yeast produces notes of banana, bubblegum and clove with a fine crisp finish. Our brewer’s favorite, done right!​

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Hefe | ABV:5.5% | IBU:10

Zoiglhaus Oktoberfresh Fresh Hop Marzen

Tap#39 Zoiglhaus - Portland Metro Area

A US Golding fresh hopped Marzen, on the darker side for a Marzen, the fresh hop and malt come together well to make this a special treat.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster

Block 15 The Prophecies Belgian Quad

Tap#40 Block 15

Belgian strong dark brown ale inspired by one of our favorite beers brewed in the Ardennes mountains. European Pilsner and Munich malts form a base for layers of specialty malts and dark candi sugar. Gently hopped with with Oregon grown Sterling and Trappist yeast. A complex sipper with notes of dark fruits, cocoa, rum, and caramel with a warming balanced finished.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Belgian | ABV:9.3% | IBU:30

Block 15 Cosmic Cold Brew Cafe Borgia Stout

Tap#41 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Working alongside our south Corvallis neighbors, Bespoken Coffee Roasters, we elevated our classic Nebula Stout with additional malt and a 24-hour cold extraction on freshly roasted Ethiopia Celinga coffee. Both varietal and roast profile were selected to complement this stout with bright acidity, pie spice, and hints of caramel and citrus. For our Café Borgia variation, we also added orange peel to the boil and cocoa extract to the tank—additions that layered notes of citrus and chocolate onto our base stout and coffee blend.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:7%

Klamath Basin Bare Knuckle Brown $5

Tap#42 Klamath Basin Brewing - Southern Oregon

Lighter bodied brown with great malt backbone and flavor, perfect for summer drinking.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Brown | ABV:5.2% | IBU:33

Ecliptic Space Ghost Session Barleywine

Tap#43 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

An unclassifiable phantasm, Space Ghost explodes with a panopoly of Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy,Southern Cross tropical hop flavors with a taste not unlike Melvin’s famous imperial IPAs. Complex yet infinitely drinkable, Space Ghost defies all explanations.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Barley Wine | ABV:8% | IBU:75

Feckin Top Of The Feckin Mornin’ BA Porter

Tap#44 Feckin Brewing - Portland Metro Area

This is a rich and full-bodied breakfast beer that promises to wake you up and mellow you out at the same time. The high gravity is balanced by the sweet milk sugar used in fermentation. Caravan Coffee from Newberg, Ore. offers the rich espresso flavors, while the sweetness of the milk sugar plays nicely off of the bitterness in the cold press coffee.

$6.00 12oz $4.00 Taster
Porter | ABV:8.5%

Upright Oat Stout

Tap#45 Upright - Portland Metro Area

Oat Stout, made using the same British ale yeast as the Safe as Milk and Bitter, is a straightforward beer with an even balance of both roast and hop bitterness against a bit of malt heft, leaving it neither sweet nor dry. The flavor showcases chocolate malts over anything else, and it should serve as a solid beer going through the fall. 5.2%

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:52%

Pfriem Festbier

Tap#46 Pfriem - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

 Pours a cyclone of bubbles that give way to a toasty biscuitness in a golden brown malty goodnes. Seriously sessionable as it should be, but don’t let that fool this beer has flavor.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster

Barley Brown’s Turmoil CDA

Tap#47 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

Opaque, bold, and loaded with hops. 7.8% ABV
2016 & 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Medal Winner. 3 Time GABF Medal Winner

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
CDA | ABV:7.8%

Hi Wheel Lemon Ginger Citrus Wine

Tap#49 Hi-Wheel - Portland Metro Area

The one that launched them all, Ginger Lemon Spiffy is a lightly-carbonated lemon wine infused with ginger; tart and refreshing.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Citrus Wine | ABV:6.8% | sc

Alter Ego Guardian Angel Blue/Pom Cider

Tap#50 Alter Ego - Portland Metro Area

A classic NW apple cider with blueberry and pomegranate blended in, also known as The Guardian Angel

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6.5%

Occidental Fest Bier

Tap#52 Occidental - Portland Metro Area

A smash hit at Occidental’s Oktoberfest, this year’s Festbier is a rich yet quaffable lager in the old tradition of Oktoberfest beers before light colors and flavors began to dominate the style. German noble hops provide a delicate hop character to pair with a firm malt profile featuring Munich and Vienna malts. Portland-area beer drinkers can enjoy these flavors during the transition from summer to fall while admiring the beer’s beautiful, deep mahogany color.

$6.00 18oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler

New West Lucinda Farmhouse Cider

Tap#53 Sasquatch Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Drier farmhouse style cider.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6.6%

Zoiglhaus Kolsch

Tap#54 Zoiglhaus - Portland Metro Area

Brewed just like in Cologne: German Pilsner and Wheat Malts, German Magnum hops for bittering, Hallertauer hops for aroma and a spicy note. Fermented slow and cool with an authentic Kölsch yeast strain brought back from your Brewmaster’s studies in Germany.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Kolsch | ABV:4.9% | IBU:19

Old Town Pilsner

Tap#58 Old Town - Portland Metro Area

This European styled Pilsner is made right here in Northeast Portland. Light golden European Pilsner malt is married with Oregon grown Noble hops to make a refreshing Lager.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:5.2% | IBU:35

Portland Cider Greyhound

Tap#59 Portland Cider - Portland Metro Area

Infused with gin botanicals from local distillery Trails End Distilling, this cocktail inspired cider is refreshing and perfect for summer. We added fresh grapefruit juice to a dry gin botanical infused cider, for a touch of sweetness with a tart and delicious finish.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6.8%

Ecliptic Protostar Hazy IPA

Tap#60 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

Our take on a NE-style IPA. Flaked oat and wheat in the mash give this beer its hazy appearance. Generous amounts of late addition Australian Topaz hops in the whirlpool then dry hopping with Mosaic, Azacca, and Galaxy hops produce an intense tropical fruit and citrus aroma.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:5% | IBU:30

Cascade Lakes Hop Smack IPA Nitro

Tap#61 Cascade Lakes - Central Oregon

This striking Citra hop IPA brings complex tropical and citrus aromas and a thirst-quenching flavor to the palate. With great head retention and clarity this well balanced yet aggressive India Pale Ale makes this a great choice for the “hop lover” in all of us! Cheers!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:6.4% | IBU:82

Riverbend Black Eddy Nitro Stout

Tap#62 Riverbend Brewing - Central Oregon

Loaded up with chocolate and roasted barley to bump up the ABV. Extra creamy and well balanced with Norther Brewer and Cascade hops.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:7.9% | IBU:38

Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout Nitro

Tap#64 Oakshire - Willamette Valley

Gray skies are a regular part of life in Western Oregon. Overcast Espresso Stout is the dark and silky stout we crave while giving us the shot of organic espresso we need.

$5.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:5.8% | IBU:37 | nt

Migration Clem’s Cream Ale Nitro

Tap#65 Migration Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Light on the hops, big on the flavor this blond ale is made with flaked oats which lend to the beer’s smooth creaminess. Rounded out with 2 different hops, the Clem’s is one laid back, easy drinking beer.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:4.6% | IBU:22 | nt

Gigantic Pristine Pacific Nitro Pale

Tap#66 Gigantic - Portland Metro Area

Juicy pale w/ citra, crystal, mosiac and simcoe hops. Portion of sales are donated to for beach clean ups

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:5.9%

Sasquatch Hairy Knuckles Nitro Stout

Tap#67 Sasquatch Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Heavy, dark, smooth and rich. Notes of coffee and oats will keep you happy all through the year.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:6.9% | IBU:44

Baerlic Guzzolene Dry Irish Stout

Tap#68 Baerlic Brewing

A smooth dry Irish-style stout perfect for slaking your post-Apocalyptic thirst. Built for total Guzzability™ and served on Nitrogen for a dreamy mouthfeel to fuel your next epic battle!

$5.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:4.8% | IBU:40 | nt

Bridgeport Kingpin Imp. Red Nitro

Tap#70 Bridgeport - Portland Metro Area

KINGPIN is a full-flavored, red-colored ale that uses a rarely-grown Willamette Valley Hop varietal known as Liberty Hops from fourth generation hop farmer John Annen of Annen Bros. Farm in Silverton, Oregon. Jeff and his team of brewers also used rye and caramel malt leading to a unique flavor profile; triple-hopped for bitter aroma and a unique dry-hopped character.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:7.5% | IBU:65 | nt

Block 15 Honey Faro Lambic

Tap#73 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Historically, some Belgian lambics were sweetened with dark sugar and served fresh to the working class as a Faro beer. Inspired by this tradition, we selected 1-year and 3-year oak barrels from our Turbulent Consequence program to produce the base blend for our own take on a Faro. To this, we added local honey as the sweetener instead of dark sugar, for a regional touch of complexity. The resulting beer is sweet and sour, with notes of honey, citrus funk, and white grapes.

$6.00 8oz $4.00 Taster
Belgian | ABV:6%

Ancestry Collaborator Bock

Tap#74 Ancestry Brewing Co - Portland Metro Area

Collaboration with Wayfinder. An easy drinking yet complex malty lager- perfect for Spring.

$4.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$12.00 Growler
German | ABV:6% | IBU:27

Pono Southern Whirl Belgian W/ Fruit

Tap#76 Pono Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Strong Belgian golden with Black Currant and Oregon grown Raspberries.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Belgian | ABV:8%

Cascade Saison De La Maison

Tap#77 Cascade Brewing - Portland Metro Area

A strong slightly spicy saison.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:8.1%

Ancestry English Brown Porter $3

Tap#78 Ancestry Brewing Co - Portland Metro Area

A balanced combination of chocolate, Caramel, and coffee ending with a smooth lightly toasted finish.

$3.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$12.00 Growler
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:5.3% | IBU:49

Block 15 Anthem Of The Sun Sour

Tap#78 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Anthem of the Sun is a dangerously drinkable sour golden ale, brewed with citrus peel and dry-hopped with Amarillo, Azacca, and Citra. The result is refreshingly tart, with notes of tangerine and papaya and a crisp, thirst-quenching finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:6.5%

Commons Afuri Yuzu Farmhouse

Tap#79 Commons - Portland Metro Area

Batch 1 made for Afuri.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:5.3%

Ground Breaker IPA

Tap#81 Ground Breaker - Portland Metro Area

IPA No. 5 is brewed with roasted chestnuts, roasted lentils, and Belgian-style candi sugar. Crystal and Santiam hops are used during the boil and for dry-hopping. Crystal hops bring the classic Northwest IPA pine and citrus notes while Santiam adds hints of tropical and stone fruits.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Gluten Free Beer | ABV:5.6% | IBU:60

1859 Cherrians

Tap#82 1859 Cider Co.

Medium-bodied and perfectly balanced with prominent notes of rain-soaked tart cherries; cinnamon and all-spice notes throughout with hints of watermelon and strawberries on the finish.

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:5.8%

Heater Allen Bobtoberfest

Tap#83 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

We named this beer for Rick’s late brother Bob; the person who sparked his interest in brewing lager beers in general and Oktoberfest beers in particular. Bright amber color. Rich, malty, and smooth, with a just touch of clean hop bitterness. If you can’t make it to Munich this fall, this beer is the next best thing. 

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster

Bauman Farm Loganberry Cider

Tap#84 Bauman Cider Co. - Willamette Valley

Bauman Farm’s cider made with Loganberries.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6%

Alesong Harvest Ale

Tap#85 Alesong Brewing - Willamette Valley

Farmhouse Ale with pumpkin and Autumn spices.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:6.4%

Little Beast Bes Tart Wheat Ale

Tap#86 Little Beast Brewing. - Portland Metro Area

Tart Wheat Ale brewed with Belgian malts, Noble hops and chamomile flower. Fermented with a blend of unique Saccharomyces yeast and conditioned with Lactobacillus. Juicy, bright and balanced

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:6%

Woodbox Americana Sidra Cider

Tap#89 Woodbox Cider Co. - Portland Metro Area

Historical texts from the 1880’s suggest that the American ciders of yore were more akin to the old-world German Apfelwines and Spanish Sidras: cloudy, aromatic, and tart with long finishes full of intrigue and soft tannins. Made from a blend of local apples and crabapples, this cider is 100% wild-fermented. A throwback to the original classic, we made this cider to be distinctly American: wild, free, and boldly acidic with just a touch of funk from the wild side!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:5.8%

Bend Razz Tafari

Tap#90 Bend Brewing Co. - Central Oregon

This light sour ale was brewed with Oregon Raspberries, Fresh Lemongrass and Citrus Zest. This sour ale has a  delicate fruit flavor, and a champagne-like, dry crisp finish. Razz Tafari is sure to leave you feeling cool and irie in the warm summer sun.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:5% | IBU:10

pFriem Oud Bruin

Tap#92 Pfriem

pFriem’s Foudre barrel aged Oud Bruin is a deep crimson beer featuring aromas of marionberry, apple butter and Cabernet, big notes of raspberry, fig, Sherry and leather with a tart, jammy finish that will make any beer lover tip their hat.

$8.00 8oz $6.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:8.7% | IBU:10

Stormbreaker Brian Made Us Do It Gose

Tap#93 Stormbreaker Brewing


$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:5.4% | IBU:12

Breakside Omaha Rye Imp. Porter

Tap#94 Breakside - Portland Metro Area

Collaboration with Rueben’s Brews: a rye imperial porter – a 9.3% ABV porter with lots of rye in the malt profile, and added some cinnamon and 4lbs per barrel of plums.  A rich, decadent malt base with subtle Sri Lankan cinnamon and plum notes supporting in the background.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Porter | ABV:9.3%

Ruse Patchwork Strawberry/Basil Tart

Tap#95 Ruse Brewing Co. - Portland Metro Area

This tart ale is kettle soured then conditioned with a touch of basil and a copious amount of local strawberries.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:4.8%

Flat Tail Dam Wild Pink Lemonade Sour

Tap#96 Flat Tail - Willamette Valley

Ingredients: Water, Weyermann Pilsner Malt, Weyermann Wheat Malt, Weyermann Acidulated Malt, Oregon & Washington Hops, Oregon Raspberry Puree, Corvallis Lemons, Brett F. Lactobacillus

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:6%

Caldera Hophash IPA Cask

Tap#97 Caldera - Southern Oregon

Kettle Series. This beer gets its name from the Hopunion Hop Hash nuggets – pure hop lupulin extracted and scraped from the Hopunion pelletizing line, then boiled for 90 minutes in the kettle. According to the brewer, this has never been done before! Premium 2-row, Great Western Munich, Crisp 60L and rolled oats comprise the grain bill designed to carry this load. Fermented warm using American Ale yeast to bring out the fruitiness, the resulting beer is designed to be a surprise on all fronts. Even the brewer has no idea how hoppy it’ll be.

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.5% | IBU:95