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De Garde The Florist Gin BA Ale 750ml Bottle

De Garde Brewing

A golden wild ale with citrus aged in oak gin barrels blended with our friends from fonta flora.

$25.00 25.4oz
Barrel Aged | ABV:6.2%

Block 15 Sticky Hands Imp. IPA

Tap#1 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

This hop experience ale features ample additions of sticky, resinous, lupulin packed hop buds grown in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy a hop decrescendo that begins with an aromatic blast of tropical fruits, citrus and dank herbs, transitions into intense hop flavor and then ends with a subtle bitter finish. Gently propped up by pale malted barley and fermented with specially selected brewer’s yeast designed to balance this immense hop experience.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:8.1% | IBU:110 | hp

Stickmen Lennox Hill Hazy IPA

Tap#2 Stickmen Brewing - Portland Metro Area

A juicy and easy to drink cloudy NE IPA finished with El Dorado, Bravo and Citra hops.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:6.3% | IBU:45

Modern Times Orderville IPA $5

Tap#3 Modern Times Brewing

Yup, we’re adding a brand new IPA to our year round line-up. Orderville is an aggressive, fragrant beer that blends the fruit-forward character of Mosaic hops with the dank, resinous stickiness of Simcoe hops. The resulting beer is immensely complex and enjoyable, with an unmistakably bangin’ aroma and a fully saturated hop flavor and finish. The cracker-dry body keeps the focus squarely on the massive, incredibly delicious hop character. Those of you that have been Modern Times junkies for a while may recall that we called our wet-hop beers (since retired) “Orderville”; this beer is a totally different recipe, but we liked the name too much to abandon it.

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.2% | IBU:75

Bear Republic Hop Shovel IPA $5

Tap#5 Bear Republic

This pale and hoppy IPA was brewed with a high proportion of wheat and rye for a smooth, well rounded flavor and mouth feel. New hop varieties Mosaic and Meridain provide a uniquely American and modern hop flavor and aroma.

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.5% | IBU:100

Block 15 Dab Lab: Lil’ Dab

Tap#6 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

The DAB Lab series focuses on vibrant, resinous hoppy ales brewed with CO2 hop extract and select hop varieties. Lil Dab tunes our experimental IPA series for sunny summer drinking, blending extractions from a trio of citrusy and tropical hops with a clean yeast profile and crushable 4.5% ABV.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:4.5%

Stickmen Stone Cold Thriller IIPA

Tap#7 Stickmen Brewing - Portland Metro Area

This new experimental double has fruity and sweet notes of stone fruit, apricot and peach leading to some alcohol warmth followed by a touch of tartness from the yeast. The stone fruit accents and mild tartness linger as you get ready for another sip.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:9% | IBU:80

Boneyard Diablo Rojo

Tap#8 Boneyard - Central Oregon

This deep amber ale is extremely well balanced and very drinkable. It appeals both to the hop lover and non hop lover. This beer is duel-hopped with Cascade and Delta hops. Cheers to the Red Devil!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Red | ABV:5.5% | IBU:30

Gigantic Pipe Wrench Gin BA IPA

Tap#9 Gigantic - Portland Metro Area

Aged in Ransom Old Tom Gin Barrels. This tasty, refreshing beer is a blend of bright citrus and fruity hops, juniper, spice, and oak.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.8%

Boneyard Hop Venom IIPA

Tap#10 Boneyard - Central Oregon

With over 5.5 pounds per barrel in the brew, Hop Venom screams “HOPS”! It will strike your nervous system with a venomous mix of Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook, and CTZ hops. Hop Venom’s delicate malt profile will only allow the flavor dominance.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:9% | IBU:60

Fort George 3-Way IPA 2017

Tap#11 Fort George - Oregon Coast

This fruit-forward haze of Azacca, X331, Mosaic, and Citra hops plays on a balanced bassline of malt with a wicked unfiltered keytar solo. 3-Way IPA 2017 is a juicy collaboration between Fort George, Great Notion, and Reuben’s Brews that strikes a smooth, electric gold riff on a Vermont style. Available at Pacific Northwest venues summer 2017 — drink fresh and keep those cans cold-stored.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7% | hp | sc

Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack IPA

Tap#12 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

The awesome blend of Columbus, Citra, Amarillo, and Smcoe Hops bombard this IPA with flavors of citrus, tropical fruit, and a little bit of pine. The light malt flavor comes from 2-row barley and a touch of crystal malt. 2012 GABF Silver. 2013 National Champion.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.2% | IBU:80 | hp

Block 15 Powder To The People IPA

Tap#13 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Powder to the People blends a bright Pilsner malt base and clean yeast profile with three types of Lupulin Powder, inspiring a hoppy solidarity of citrus, pine, melon, and berry notes. It finishes crisp, with a refreshing bitter snap.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.2%

Pizza Port Swami’s IPA $5

Tap#14 Pizza Port Brewing

“It’s hard to believe we’ve been slingin’ pizzas for 20 years since March of 1987! That’s about 7300 days or 175,200 happy hours of fun! We’re excited to celebreate by brewing and bottling up a beer to share a special toast! Swami’s IPA is one of our best selling beers. Many have called it the original San Diego IPA. As such, it’s been a big part of Pizza Port Solana Beach since we installed the brewing system in 1992. A bold IPA hopped to the extreme with galena, Centennial and Cascade hops. We also add a healthy dose of dry hops in the serving tank and always serve it unfiltered. Thank you so much to everyone who has been sharing the memories along the unbelievable way…Cheers!”

$5.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:6.8%

Pizza Port Pickleweed Point IPA $5

Tap#15 Pizza Port Brewing

IPA, creamy, soft, effervescent mouthfeel. Dry hopped with Citra, Motueka, and Melon Blanc.

$5.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:6.2%

Falling Sky Pub Life IPA

Tap#17 Falling Sky Brewing - Willamette Valley

‘Pub Life 4 Eva’ Dedicated to living the Pub Life: to the brewers who get sucked into production, cooks who fire at high function, and the ones serving our libations, so sit back, relax and enjoy our creations. Big aromas of peaches, mangoes and citrus with a creamy mouthfeel and soft lingering bitterness from copious hop resins. ‘Brew 4 life’MALTS Best Pale, CaraFoam, Munich, Acidulated HOPS Warrior Extract, Chinook, Citra and Centennial

$5.00 14oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:6.3% | IBU:85

Beachwood Amalgamator IPA $5

Tap#18 Beachwood Brewing

Amalgamator is our newest “West Coast” IPA that’s bursting with unique aromas and flavors. A light base of American 2-row malt makes way for the hops to take the stage. Amalgamator is hopped in the kettle with Amarillo, Warrior, Columbus, and Mosaic, a brand new American variety. The dry hop is a massive charge of Mosaic that lays down an amalgam of passion fruit, dank resin, and citrus aromas.

$5.00 12oz $4.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.1% | IBU:99

Barley Brown’s Fork Lift IIPA

Tap#19 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

This is the big version of our popular Pallet Jack IPA. Deep golden in color and packed with Simcoe, Columbus, Citra, Chinook, Amarillo, and Ahtanum hops.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:9% | IBU:90

El Segundo Seis Delsegundo IIPA $5

Tap#20 El Segundo Brewing

Six years of beer – and our first time bottling an anniversary beer. We set out to make an irresponsibly hoppy brew.

$5.00 12oz $4.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:8.1%

Upright Kiwi Cocktail Gin BA W/Kiwi And Black Limes

Tap#22 Upright - Portland Metro Area

Saison Vert is a year round wheat based beer that uses sun dried black limes in the kettle. This special version is a blend of one vermouth cask and one Old Tom gin cask that had kiwi puree added post fermentation. 5.2%

$6.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Barrel Aged | ABV:5.2%

Boneyard Notorious Trip IPA

Tap#23 Boneyard - Central Oregon

This ale pours a clear amber color with a light white head. Huge grapefruit and pine aroma lead to flavors of citrus, tropical fruits and honey. Hops are abundant and explode from the glass while balancing amazingly well with the malts. So balanced in fact, it’s dangerous!

$6.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Triple IPA | ABV:11.5% | IBU:80 | hp

Beachwood Thrillseeker IPA $5

Tap#24 Beachwood Brewing

Thrillseeker is a “West Coast-style” India pale ale that is sure to push your senses to the edge. It starts with a base of American 2-row malt and a restrained dose of extra light caramel malt to let the hops punch though. It’s then generously hopped with Chinook, Summit, Centennial, and Simcoe for a massive citrus and tropical hop profile. Thrillseeker is dry hopped with Simcoe and Chinook for an über fresh resiny aroma.

$5.00 12oz $4.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7% | IBU:99

Pelican Pelicano Extra Mexican Lager

Tap#25 Pelican - Oregon Coast

Pelicano EXTRA! is brewed with 6-row malt and 25% flaked corn to give the beer a crisp, dry flavor that is balanced with Tettnang hops for a subtle spicy and floral character. At 5.1% abv Pelicano is a sessionable lager with enough flavor and complexity that you can say adios to the lime and just enjoy!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:5.1% | IBU:12

Natian Lifted Lager

Tap#26 Natian Brewing - Portland Metro Area

New lager release from Natian Brewing.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$12.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:5%

Block 15 Gloria! Unfiltered Pilsner

Tap#27 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Blending delicate malt character and zesty hops, Gloria! is our vision of the crisp, unfiltered pilsner. Brewed with floor-malted pilsner malts, Gloria! pours a hazy, straw-colored pint. European and Oregon-grown hops impart citrus and floral spice, while select lager yeast finishes clean and refreshing. This immensely drinkable lager is our brewers’ choice after a long day in the brewhouse. Gloria!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:4.9% | IBU:20

Pfriem Helles Lager

Tap#28 Pfriem

Pfriem Helles lager pours a clear copper with a small white head. Aroma of very light herbal notes and a little grass. Flavor is very subtle, with lightly toasted malt and light herbal notes. Very sessionable and easy drinking.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:4.8% | IBU:24 | hp

Rosenstadt Weissbier

Tap#30 Rosenstadt Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Delicate, spicy hops accompany aromas of banana and clove in an effervescent, full bodied, deep golden wheat ale. Best enjoyed with a lunch of Bretzel and Weisswurst.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Wheat | ABV:5.4% | IBU:14

Full Sail Session Lager $3 Pint

Tap#31 Full Sail - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Session Premium lager is an extremely tasty import-style lager, like the kind of beer made back in the pre-Prohibition days— plenty of flavor that goes down clean and smooth, we like to call it “Session-ability.” American and European hops offer a wonderful noble hop aroma, and the two-row barley malt and a touch of wheat malt give a pleasant, refreshing finish. Why have a beer when you could have a Session!

$3.00 16oz $1.50 Taster$12.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:5.1% | IBU:18 | sc

Montavilla Red Krush $3

Tap#32 Montavilla Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Full of earthy, floral, danky-herbal and piney aromas, this Red ale is a hop extravaganza that is balanced with five international malts.

$3.00 16oz $1.50 Taster$12.00 Growler
Red | ABV:6.5% | IBU:75

Gigantic Nu Reed Hibiscus Wit

Tap#33 Gigantic - Portland Metro Area

Salted hibiscus wit.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Wit | ABV:5.1%

Bear Republic Clobberskull BA Ale $5

Tap#34 Bear Republic

This English Estate October Ale is brewed with 10% raw wheat and 10% split peas. Fermented with our house Scottish ale yeast and barrel aged for 100 days in 1st beer use French Oak barrels.

$5.00 8oz $3.00 Taster
Barrel Aged | ABV:10.5% | IBU:35

Beachwood Hops Of Brixton ESB $5

Tap#35 Beachwood Brewing

The Hops of Brixton is a classic British-style extra special bitter (ESB). It starts with British Maris Otter malt for a toasty backbone that’s accented with light and dark British caramel malts, adding distinctive toffee notes. Flaked barley adds a gentle silkiness to the mouthfeel. Hops from the East Kent region of England create a floral and earthy hop profile to perfectly balance the malt. London’s calling!

$5.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
ESB | ABV:6.1% | IBU:44

Culmination/Little Beast Freya Wit

Tap#36 Culmination - Portland Metro Area

A light summer wit, a collaboration between Culmination and Little Beast Brewing.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Wit | ABV:4.2%

Boneyard Big League Chew Wheat

Tap#37 Boneyard - Central Oregon

American wheat ale.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Wheat | ABV:5%

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Tap#38 Rogue - Oregon Coast

Dead Guy is a German-style Maibock made with Rogue’s proprietary “PacMan” ale yeast. It is deep honey in color with a malty aroma, rich hearty flavor and a well balanced finish. Dead Guy is created from Northwest Harrington, Klages, Maier Munich and Carastan malts, along with Perle and Saaz Hops.
In the early 1990s Dead Guy Ale was created as a private tap sticker to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead (November 1st, All Souls Day) for Casa U Betcha in Portland, Oregon. The Dead Guy design proved popular and was incorporated into a bottled product a few years later with MaierBock as the elixir.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Ale | ABV:6.5% | IBU:40

Gigantic/Ecliptic Star Destroyer Dark Lager

Tap#39 Gigantic - Portland Metro Area

Feel the power of the darkside. Bah, Bah, Bah-Bum, Ba, Bum-Bum, Da, Bum. This beer is fully operational.  Prepare the attack.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:8% | IBU:39

Falling Sky Tank Top English Golden Ale

Tap#39 Falling Sky Brewing - Willamette Valley

Tank Top English Golden Ale 35 IBU 5.9%Alc

“Sun’s out, Guns out!!” This spell of warm, dry weather has us dreaming of summer here at Falling Sky. This beer will pair nicely with a long hike, sitting by the river, or a hard days work in the garden. Extremely quaffable with aromas of orange rind, this beer will have you ready for the sun to stay for a while!

MALTS Best Pale, Wheat Malt, CaraFoam and Acidulated HOPS EKG and Nugget

$5.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Blonde | ABV:5.9% | IBU:35

Block 15 The Prophecies

Tap#40 Block 15

Belgian strong dark brown ale inspired by one of our favorite beers brewed in the Ardennes mountains. European Pilsner and Munich malts form a base for layers of specialty malts and dark candi sugar. Gently hopped with with Oregon grown Sterling and Trappist yeast. A complex sipper with notes of dark fruits, cocoa, rum, and caramel with a warming balanced finished.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Belgian | ABV:9.3% | IBU:30

Barley Brown’s Coyote Peak Wheat

Tap#41 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

A refreshing Northwest Style wheat beer. Brewed with American White Wheat and 2-row barley. Won 4 medals at the North American Beer Awards.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Wheat | ABV:5.5%

Ancestry English Mild Ale

Tap#43 Ancestry Brewing Co - Portland Metro Area

Sessionable malty brew with apricot and plum finishes, with a peach and hazelnut backbone

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$12.00 Growler
ESB | ABV:4.5% | IBU:15

Falling Sky Dreadnut Tropical Stout

Tap#44 Falling Sky Brewing - Willamette Valley

Inspired by our Lead Brewer’s ‘hard work’ while in Jamaica, this Tropical Stout has roast and sweet coconut aromas, full bodied with treacle, molasses, and a creamy coffee finish. Tropical Stouts typically use a local sugar, Dreadnut is Jamaican slang for coconut so we used coconut sugar to bring you right near da’ beach mon!MALTS Maris Otter, Roasted Barley, CaraAroma and Kiln Coffee HOPS Magnum and East Kent GoldingEXTRAS Coconut Sugar

$5.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Stout | ABV:6.3% | IBU:25

Boneyard Suge Knite Imp. Stout

Tap#45 Boneyard - Central Oregon

This imperial stout pours black with a dark creamy head. It’s rich and bold with flavors of oak, whiskey, molasses and dark fruits. It’s surprisingly smooth and drinkable for such a big gnarly beer.

$6.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:13% | IBU:80

Ancestry Imperial Stout

Tap#46 Ancestry Brewing Co - Portland Metro Area

Big. Bold. Smooth. Our patriarch of beer will warm even the coldest in the family. Dark chocolate, dark fruit, and coffee notes envelop the palate for a truly enjoyable quaff.

$4.00 12oz $2.00 Taster$12.00 Growler
Stout | ABV:10% | IBU:45

Beachwood System Of The Stout $5

Tap#47 Beachwood Brewing

“System of a Stout” is an imperial stout infused with all the traditional ingredients of a savory cup of Armenian coffee: cardamom, molasses, coffee (of course), and brandy. In the kettle, the beer is lightly dosed with green cardamom for exotic spice notes. Molasses adds a richness that seamlessly blends in. The finished beer was then aged for several days masterfully roasted coffee from Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa. The beer was then aged for several weeks on Armenian brandy-soaked oak chips for yet another dimension of flavors and aromas. Take your time and enjoy this endlessly complex and nuanced beer.

$5.00 10oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:11.3%

Hi Wheel Lime Habanero Citrus Wine

Tap#49 Hi-Wheel - Portland Metro Area

Habanero Lime gets its kick from habanero peppers in the finishing tanks, and there is quite a bit of heat!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Supercold | ABV:6.8% | hp | sc

2 Towns Prickle Me Pink Cider

Tap#50 2 Towns Cider - Willamette Valley

Infused with prickly pear cactus fruit, this precocious cider leads with aromas of fig nectar, watermelon, and an unbelievable fuchsia color derived solely from the prickly pear. This is nature’s way of saying ‘yum!’

$5.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Supercold | ABV:6%

2 Towns Ginja Ninja Cider

Tap#51 2 Towns Cider - Willamette Valley

2 Towns’ redheaded cider samurai sliced thousands of pounds of fresh apples and pure ginger root to craft the Ginja Ninja. Take a sip grasshopper and learn the Ginja Ninja warrior way.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Supercold | ABV:6% | hp

Heater Allen Kolsch

Tap#52 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

Traditional Kolsch-style beer. A trial run, but after a great response this will definitely become a regular seasonal.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Supercold | ABV:5% | IBU:22

2 Towns Outcider

Tap#54 2 Towns Cider - Willamette Valley

Juicy and unfiltered, the Outcider is made with fresh-pressed NW apples. Ya, it’s supposed to be cloudy.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Supercold | ABV:6%

Zoiglhaus Pilsner

Tap#55 Zoiglhaus - Portland Metro Area

Nice and dry with a crisp hop snap to it. This is my version of what is brewed in Northern Germany – not soft and light like in Bavaria, but edgier and still drinkable, just right for the NW palate.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Supercold | ABV:4.8% | IBU:42

Falling Sky Polar Melt Pale Ale

Tap#56 Falling Sky Brewing - Willamette Valley

In this Pale Ale we used only Glacier hops along with a new yeast strain, to produce some fruity and floral flavors and aromas. The final beer turned out to be quite quaffable, promising that you won’t be holding on to this pint long enough to notice any appreciable polar melt. MALTS Best Pale and Acidulated HOPS Glacier and Chinook

$5.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Supercold | ABV:5.7% | IBU:48

Royale R And R Pale

Tap#57 Royale - Portland Metro Area

Collaboration with Walkabout Brewing.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Supercold | ABV:4.5%

El Segundo Porto Pils $5

Tap#58 El Segundo Brewing

A gold-colored, light-bodied German-style beer with crisp, floral hop kick.

$5.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Supercold | ABV:5.6%

Hi Wheel Blackberry Habanero

Tap#59 Hi-Wheel - Portland Metro Area

Blackberry Habenaro is fermented from California fresh-squeezed lemons and limes with Oregon blackberries, with habenaro heat.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Supercold | ABV:6.8% | sc

Arch Rock Gold Beach Lager

Tap#60 Arch Rock - Oregon Coast

This beer is an unfiltered German style lager, also known as “zwickel bier”. It is smooth, crisp and refreshing which is a product of the longer, cooler fermentation. Don’t be misled by its light yellow color, this lager has much more flavor than your typical American style lager. This beer features German Hallertau hops, which give its distinct flavor and hints of citrus or lemon. The carbonation leaves the perfect tingle on your tongue.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Supercold | ABV:5% | IBU:26

Deschutes Nitro Cream Ale

Tap#61 Deschutes - Central Oregon

An ale version of an American Lager, our Cream Ale is light, with good hop balance and clean finish. Perfect for sunny days and being around good friends.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:6.7% | IBU:35 | nt

Klamath Basin Back roads Vanilla Porter

Tap#62 Klamath Basin Brewing - Southern Oregon

Vanilla dominates the flavor of this robust porter while chocolate and coffee flavors linger in the background. Brewed with a blend of vanilla beans, this delicious porter is sure to please even the most discerning beer connoisseur. So when the snow is drifting down, or you simply want to take a moment to enjoy one of life’s fine creations, relax and have a pint. But be careful. I’ll bet you can’t have just one!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:6.7% | IBU:45 | nt

Feckin IRA Red Ale

Tap#63 Feckin Brewing - Portland Metro Area

This Irish ale has a serious NW twist. Generous portion of hops from the Northwest are packed in this brew. Pale malt and Irish premium malt make the color a very nice copper red. This is an easy drinking red ale that is full of flavor and hopped over weeks during the fermentation process.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:6% | IBU:50

Bridgeport Kingpin Imp. Red Nitro

Tap#64 Bridgeport - Portland Metro Area

KINGPIN is a full-flavored, red-colored ale that uses a rarely-grown Willamette Valley Hop varietal known as Liberty Hops from fourth generation hop farmer John Annen of Annen Bros. Farm in Silverton, Oregon. Jeff and his team of brewers also used rye and caramel malt leading to a unique flavor profile; triple-hopped for bitter aroma and a unique dry-hopped character.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:7.5% | IBU:65 | nt

Alameda Yellow Wolf IIPA Nitro

Tap#65 Alameda Brewing - Portland Metro Area

With over 100 IBUs Yellow Wolf has enough eye-popping intensity to satisfy even the most ardent hopheads. It has bright piney nose and light golden color. We suggest pairing it with sunshine.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:8.2% | IBU:103 | nt

Pelican Tsunami Stout Nitro

Tap#66 Pelican - Oregon Coast

Midnight black color and rich dark-roasted aroma. Specially blended hops combine with flaked unmalted barley to give this brew a full body and a dense creamy head. All elements combine in a solid, lingering finish.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:7% | nt

Crux On The Fence Pale Nitro

Tap#67 Crux - Central Oregon

It’s not a Pale and it’s not an IPA—it’s “on the fence.” A solid malt backbone with significant hop flavors and aromas (Centennial and Citra), medium alcohol and bitterness.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:6.4% | IBU:50 | nt

Cascade Lakes Drop The M.I.C. Pale

Tap#68 Cascade Lakes

For those who enjoy a hoppy brew without the high alcohol and bitterness of an IPA… this one’s for you! Citrusy and floral intense Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Citra hops play well together and bring a beautiful hop aroma to the nose. This one will make you want to drop the mic and order another! Cheers!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:5.6% | IBU:26 | nt

Wild Ride Nut Crusher Peanut Porter

Tap#69 Wild Ride - Central Oregon

We love beer. We love peanut butter. Nut Crusher Porter is here to bring the best of these two worlds together! All of the wonderful flavors of a nutty, chocolatey, caramel porter, complimented by the addition of creamy peanut butter flavor. It’s a true liquid peanut butter cup, and it’s here for you to enjoy.


$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:6% | IBU:18

10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA

Tap#70 10 Barrel - Central Oregon

A Northwest American-Style IPA. The color comes through as a deep gold with orange hues. Fruity and citrusy hop aroma shines, with hints of pine resin. The four hop flavor dominates, re-enforcing the aroma with more citrus, fruity and piney notes. The malt character is clean and smooth with a unique toasted flavor (thanks to the generous helping of Victory malt), all held together by a firm bitterness. Apocalypse has a medium-bodied mouth feel, finishing crisp and dry. All of this results in a very drinkable IPA.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:6.8% | IBU:65 | nt

Commons Saison De Pamplemousse

Tap#73 Commons - Portland Metro Area

w/ grapefruit & pomegranate juice

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:5.8%

Boneyard Bombay Golden Ale

Tap#74 Boneyard - Central Oregon

Crisp and light golden ale.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Pale | ABV:4%

Yachats Cape Ranch Saison

Tap#75 Yachats - Oregon Coast

The use of whole leaf hops in this Hoppy Saison bring out a juicy, fruity and citrusy character.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:7%

The Lost Abbey Avant Garde $5

Tap#76 The Lost Abbey

From the French word “Garde” meaning something worth keeping, this Farmhouse Styled Ale is a most delicious companion to a loaf of freshly baked bread from the oven. Grab a seat on the porch, some soft cheese and a tree ripened apple from your grandmother’s old orchard. Relax and watch the evening arrive as the afternoon sun is consumed by the illuminating moon over the gardens. We brewed Avant Garde for you, our friends and families. Here’s to things worth guarding over.

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:7%

Block 15 Here Comes The Sunshine Farmhouse

Tap#77 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Our nod to Northern France’s springtime farmhouse ales, this Bière de Mars is inspired by budding flowers, new growth, and the sun emerging from its winter slumber. Its blend of North American malted barley, French Pilsner malt, and locally-grown white wheat produces a rustic grist character that is complemented by gentle hopping with Oregon and European varietals and fermentation with a pair of characterful yeast strains. Together, they produce a bright and lively farmhouse ale offering nuanced complexity and a crisp, refreshing finish. Show Less

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:6%

Boneyard The Femur Barleywine

Tap#78 Boneyard - Central Oregon

A traditional English-style Barleywine. The Femur is brewed with premium UK malts and endured a long boil to produce complex flavors and rich aromas of caramel, vanilla, and dried fruit. Backed by a mellow bitterness and full body, this deep copper ale is quite warming at 11.0% ABV.

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster
Barley Wine | ABV:11%

Occidental Lucubrator Doppelbock

Tap#79 Occidental - Portland Metro Area

Occidentals version of a classic Doppelbock: Doppelbock (literally “double bock”) is a stronger and usually darker version of the Bavarian Bockbier. It is exceptionally malty, with very little bitterness. Standard Doppelbocks may have as much as 7% alcohol by volume. In the strongest versions (around 10 to 13%), you can actually taste the alcohol.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
German | ABV:6.7% | hp

pFriem Kumquat Farmhouse Ale

Tap#80 Pfriem - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Farmhouse made with Kumquat.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:4.9%

Ground Breaker IPA

Tap#81 Ground Breaker - Portland Metro Area

IPA No. 5 is brewed with roasted chestnuts, roasted lentils, and Belgian-style candi sugar. Crystal and Santiam hops are used during the boil and for dry-hopping. Crystal hops bring the classic Northwest IPA pine and citrus notes while Santiam adds hints of tropical and stone fruits.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Gluten Free Beer | ABV:5.6% | IBU:60

Royale/Commons/Melvin 1997 Belg. Strong

Tap#82 Royale - Portland Metro Area

1997 10.7% ABV Three-way collaboration between Royale Brewing, The Commons Brewing, and Melvin Brewing. Brewed at Royale. Belgian Strong Ale, dry-hopped with citra hops. Bold and complex fruity aromas, ranging from tropical fruit, citrus, dried cherry, rose, and prunes. Candied fruit and baked bread flavors. Deceptively smooth and drinkable. Super dry finish, with slight lingering warmth. (B63 Monastic Yeast) 32 IBU; 11 SRM

$6.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Belgian | ABV:10.7% | IBU:32

Bruery Terreux Gypsy Tart $5

Tap#83 Bruery Terreux

Gypsy Tart is a Flanders-style brown ale with a California touch. A beer that can trace it’s origins to Great Britain, but more famously perfected in western Belgium, has been updated through our own modern techniques, delivering the sweet body and mildly tart finish that has won over numerous generations of beer drinkers in Europe. Our rendition of this wonderful beer style is perfect for both sour beer amateurs and advocates alike.

$5.00 6oz $4.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:8.4%

Wildcraft Pinot BA Cherry Cider

Tap#84 WildCraft Cider - Willamette Valley

Blend of 4 varietal Sour Cherry Wine blended 10% with a fully fermented dry cider made of Winesap and Honey Crisp. Left to age for 5 months in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels from King Estate Winery.

$5.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:7.6% | hp

Bear Republic Cuvee De Bubba BA Wild Ale $5

Tap#85 Bear Republic

A custom blend of the beers of Bear Republic, Cuvee de Bubba is refermented in oak wine barrels using only the wild micro flora and fauna native to the Alexander Valley. A bouquet of stone fruits with a complex flavor profile of malt, tobacco, and cherry pie sourness.
Cuvee de Bubba won a Silver medal at the 2012 Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer in the Wild Acidic Beer category.

$5.00 8oz $4.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:6% | IBU:35

Bauman’s Orange Blossom Cider

Tap#86 Bauman Cider Co. - Willamette Valley

At Bauman’s Cider we always try to make our ciders with what we grow on the farm, and when we can’t we work to ensure as many of our ingredients as possible come from other, local sources. But it’s been a long, cold winter, and we felt like a little citrus was in order! So we fermented some of our apples and added oranges and a little pineapple to make this semi-sweet and refreshing spring cider.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6.2%

Royale/Hair Of The Dog BA Pig Dog

Tap#87 Royale - Portland Metro Area

Barrel-Aged Pig Dog 9.8% ABV Pig Dog (collaboration with Hair of the Dog, brewed in June 2016). Belgian Strong ale, brewed with oats, Belgian candy sugar, and brown sugar. Dry-hopped with cascade and meridian hops. Then, aged in George Dickle Tennessee Whiskey barrels for 9 months. Lots of oak-derived aromas and flavors of cherry, coconut, caramel, and wood spice. (Antwerp Ale Yeast) 45 IBU; 10 SRM

$6.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Barrel Aged | ABV:9.8% | IBU:45

Alter Ego The Brute Apple Cider

Tap#88 Alter Ego - Portland Metro Area

Blend of locally-grown Northwest apples, fresh pressed and fermented cool.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6.5%

Bear Republic Tartare Berliner Weisse

Tap#89 Bear Republic

One of the world’s classic sour beer styles, Tartare™ is Bear Republic’s interpretation of Berliner Weisse, the tart, low-alcohol beer style dubbed as “The Champagne of the North.” Tartare won a Bronze medal at the 2011 Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer in the Wild Beer/Acidic category. Winner at 2013 Good Food Awards, Adventurous, Barreled, Big, Bawdy, & Belgian Beer Category

$5.00 8oz $4.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:4% | IBU:8

Bear Republic Tartare Rouge BA Wild Ale $5

Tap#90 Bear Republic

Released from Foeder Number Two, this spontaneously fermented red ale has a tart apricot aroma, toasty malt and wheat flavors balanced by tart acidity, and a pleasantly malty finish. Barrel-Aged and Limited Edition Beer.

$5.00 8oz $4.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:6% | IBU:10

Boneyard Wooden Femur BA Barleywine

Tap#91 Boneyard - Central Oregon

Barrel Aged version of The Femur: A traditional English-style Barleywine. The Femur is brewed with premium UK malts and endured a long boil to produce complex flavors and rich aromas of caramel, vanilla, and dried fruit. Backed by a mellow bitterness and full body, this deep copper ale is quite warming at 11.5 ABV

$6.00 8oz $4.00 Taster
Barrel Aged | ABV:11.5%

Beachwood Everything Is Nothing Twist $5

Tap#92 Beachwood Brewing

“‘Everything is Nothing With a Twist’, or just ‘Twist’ for short, is a special collaboration blend we did with our good friend Eric Salazar. Doing a blend with someone is a great way for us to gain knowledge from some of the masters of this industry, get an outside perspective on our beer, and have a good time with friends. For this blend we hand picked a few barrels of our one year old lambic-inspired base beer and then added basil, Meyer lemon zest, and Szechuan peppercorn. All three ingredients are in perfect balance. It starts with a mildly herbaceous nose from the basil, crisp lemony flavors follow combining beautifully with the acidity of the beer. The peppercorn comes through in the finish and rounds out this funky and wild ride.”

$5.00 6oz
Sour | ABV:6%

Commons Gose

Tap#93 Commons - Portland Metro Area

Traditional German-style wheat with coriander and Jacobson salt. Hops: Perle

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:4.2%

Ecliptic Carina Peach Sour

Tap#94 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

The name is from the constellation, Carina, the keel of the ship Argo in the southern sky. Loaded with fresh peach flavor it is a sour ale perfect for anytime of year. The use of pale malt makes for a crisp character, while lactobacillus gives it a tart and refreshing finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:5.5% | IBU:10

Yachats/Loyal BA Plum/Lav. Saison

Tap#95 Yachats - Oregon Coast

Collaboration between Yachats brewing and Loyal Legion, a extremely drinkable smooth saison on its own, but with the addition of plums and lavender, aged over 6 months in oak barrels.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:5.5% | hp

Ex Novo Getting Classy Saison W/ Squash

Tap#96 Ex Novo - Portland Metro Area

Biere De Garde with Squash aged 14 months in Pinot North barrels with brettanomyces

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:8.5%

Caldera Mosaic IPA On Cask

Tap#97 Caldera - Southern Oregon

Tropical-Style IPA brewed with Mosaic hops imparting hop flavors of mango, passion fruit and guava.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.5% | IBU:100