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Great Notion/Modern Times Fortunate Sun IPA 16oz Can $8

- Portland Metro Area

Initially brewed in collaboration with Modern Times as Fantasy Islands. We liked it so much, we brewed it again! Fortunate Sun is a crushable hazy IPA hopped with Amarillo, Citra & Galaxy hops.

$8.00 16oz
IPA | ABV:6%

Block 15 Sticky Hands Imp. IPA

Tap#1 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

This hop experience ale features ample additions of sticky, resinous, lupulin packed hop buds grown in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy a hop decrescendo that begins with an aromatic blast of tropical fruits, citrus and dank herbs, transitions into intense hop flavor and then ends with a subtle bitter finish. Gently propped up by pale malted barley and fermented with specially selected brewer’s yeast designed to balance this immense hop experience.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:8.1% | IBU:110 | hp

Royale/54-40 Dumb Thumb Belgian IPA

Tap#2 Royale - Portland Metro Area

IPA made with a belgian yeast strand. Collaboration between Royale and their friends from Washington 54-40

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
ROYALE/54-40 SHOWCASE | ABV:6.7% | IBU:60

Level Game On! IPA

Tap#3 Level Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Pale ale fresh hopped with Centennial hops.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6%

Fort George City Of Dreams Hazy IPA

Tap#4 Fort George - Oregon Coast

Once in a while you find that magical place. A creative confluence of scenic panoramas, bountiful lands, and independent spirit. A site on the edge of nowhere yet enticing to all, where cityscape ends and the open ocean begins. Whether you call it Shangri-La or Utopia or the City of Dreams, one thing is certain – this is the beer you will find there.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:5.5%

Royale IPA

Tap#5 Royale - Portland Metro Area

Tropical and citrus fruit nose coming from the use of Amarillo, Azacca, Idaho 7, Mosaic, and Meridian hops. Crisp with a slight nutty malt characteristic.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
ROYALE/54-40 SHOWCASE | ABV:7.2% | IBU:66

Hopworks Super Chill Hazy IPA

Tap#6 Hopworks Urban - Portland Metro Area

Super Chill is a hazy IPA brewed with organic El Dorado, Azacca, Mosaic and Chinook hops and generous amounts of organic wheat and oats. It clocks in at 6.4% ABV with notes of orange juice, guava, passionfruit and grapefruit

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.4%

Boneyard Enzymatic IPA

Tap#7 Boneyard - Central Oregon

Enzymatic is a clean, crisp IPA built on North American Pale and Pilsner Malts. Seven different hop varieties compose the mild bitterness and hop forward aroma and taste.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7% | IBU:60

54-40 Half Cocked IPA

Tap#8 54/40 Brewing - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

A citrus forward IPA brewed with Mandarina Bavaria, Citra, Amarillo, and Galaxy hops. The bold aromatics of this light bodied IPA lead to a lovely hoppy flavor without being overly bitter. Careful, it’ll get you Half Cocked.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
ROYALE/54-40 SHOWCASE | ABV:6.5% | IBU:60

Baerlic What The Fluff Hazy IPA

Tap#12 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Crazy Hazy, Juicy Loosey New England Style IPA with ridonculous amounts of tropical fruit, candy, bubblegum, candied orange, pink grapefruit & juicy fruit notes that jump out of the glass endlessly!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.6%

Culmination Elation IIPA

Tap#13 Culmination - Portland Metro Area

Elation IIPA is our revival of a NW IPA from the past. This double IPA has a dry pale body and pungent aromas of citrus and spicy pine from a huge dry hop of Centennial, Columbus and Chinook.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:8.2%

Pono Tropical Storm Hazy IPA

Tap#15 Pono Brewing - Portland Metro Area

We take a New England IPA and do what we do best.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:5.6% | IBU:60

Ecliptic Neo IPA

Tap#16 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

Neo IPA has a crisp, clean finish with fruity notes from Citra, Azacca, Mosaic, Motueka, and Calypso hops.  Just what you need in the middle of winter!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.5% | IBU:45

Block 15 Space Monk IPA

Tap#17 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Space Monk is a Belgian-inspired IPA assertively hopped with fruit-forward American and Australian varietals, imparting waves of passion fruit, guava, and tangerine hop character alongside estery notes of peach and jackfruit. This fruity explosion is complemented by a creamy mouthfeel and a drying, resinous finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.5%

Ex-Novo Dynamic Duo IIPA

Tap#19 Ex Novo - Portland Metro Area

A dual hopped West Coast double IPA showing a big hop aroma of citrus, pine, and grapefruit with a light body. Aggressively hopped with Citra and Azacca.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Imperial IPA | ABV:8% | IBU:80

Culmination Lapse of Reason IIPA

Tap#20 Culmination

New England Style Double IPA was brewed and dry hopped with Citra & Eldorado hops. Its A.B.V. comes in at 8.4% with a low bitterness of 26 IBU. It is very juicy and easy drinking. This beer can be described with notes of Orange, Citrus, & Dank.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:8.4% | IBU:26

Sunriver Moxee IPA

Tap#21 Sunriver Brewing - Central Oregon

IPA filled with Moxee!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.7% | IBU:65

54-40 Kascadia Kolsch

Tap#22 54/40 Brewing - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

A simple and perfect beer. Our Kölch-style ale is brewed to bring together veteran craft-drinkers and first time craft-drinkers alike. Traditional imported Pilsner malt and a classic German yeast strain create a remarkably crisp and easy drinking beer that begs to be shared with friends.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
ROYALE/54-40 SHOWCASE | ABV:4.8% | IBU:5

Zoiglhaus Sweet Mild Of Mine Ale

Tap#23 Zoiglhaus

This English Dark Mild has a wonderful aroma and flavor coming from the British malts and hops as well as the hazelnut and cacao nibs we added to the brew. The moderate alcohol content is what makes this style the original session beer!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Ale | ABV:3.3% | IBU:10

Breakside Vienna Coffee Lager

Tap#26 Breakside - Portland Metro Area

Experimental Coffee Beer.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:6.1% | IBU:30

Heater Allen Rauch Bock

Tap#27 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

This beer is made in typical Bamberg style using beechwood smoked barley. Smoked malt makes up 20% of the grist adding a nice smokiness that is pleasant and lingering. The smoke flavor is complimented by the rich, malty character of Munich malt.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:6.5%

Old Town Moctezuma Mexican Spiced Lager

Tap#30 Old Lompoc

A mexican spiced Bock lager with chocolate and cinnamon notes.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:6.7% | IBU:17

Little Beast Fera Brett Ale

Tap#31 Little Beast Brewing. - Portland Metro Area

Farmhouse saison crafted with European malts and Noble hops, and then fermented entirely with a strain of Brettanomyces yeast known for its bright fruit character.


$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:6.25%

pFriem Mango Pale

Tap#33 Pfriem

Pale with mango, tropical fruit, zing.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:5.5% | IBU:15

Heater Allen Dunkel

Tap#34 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

Very few American breweries produce dunkels, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help set things right. This is the beer that made Munich famous. The challenge is getting the color right without using too much black malt, as this beer shouldn’t display that character. We use 90% Munich Malt in the grist, along with a small amount of Amber and Caramel Malt and less than 1% Carafa (a German Black Malt). The beer is dark brown/red in color, with both malt and subtle hop aromas. The beer shows strong and complex malt character, with a hint of milk chocolate. The hops take a back seat to the malt, and only keep things in balance. This beer is great with aged cheeses like cheddar and gouda, sauteed mushrooms, or braised meats and sausage. (1.014 BG, 6.00%, 24 IBU, 14 SRM)

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:6% | IBU:24

Logsdon Kili-Wit

Tap#35 Logsdon - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Kili Wit is a traditionally brewed white beer with refreshing flavors and creamy smoothness. This is a 100% certified organic beer brewed with local organic barley malt, wheat and oats along with whole cone Oregon hops and African spice. This beer is made with a portion of the proceeds going to the K2 Adventures Foundation that provides community service, medical and educational enrichment for African children.

$6.00 12oz $2.00 Taster
Wit | ABV:5.5% | hp

Wild Ride Whoopty Whoop Wheat

Tap#37 Wild Ride - Central Oregon

Whoopty Whoop Wheat is an American Hefeweizen created and brewed to help you get through the ups and downs of any wild ride.  The late addition of lemon peel during fermentation gives the traditional wheat beer a pleasant citrus aroma with a slight tart finish.  Enjoy this refreshing beer!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Wheat | ABV:5.5% | IBU:20

Baerlic Primeval Brown

Tap#38 Baerlic - Portland Metro Area

Delicious hoppy brown ale.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Brown | ABV:6.8% | IBU:70

Little Beast Hop Smaaken Belgian Pale

Tap#39 Little Beast Brewing. - Portland Metro Area

Crafted with Maris Otter and Spelt Malts. Wet hopped with Liberty and Experimental X17 from The Oregon Hophouse. Fermented with our house blend of Belgian and French yeasts. Distinct nutty malt character with a spicy hop predominance.

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:6.7% | IBU:25

Coalition Special Brownies CBD Milk Stout

Tap#40 Coalition - Portland Metro Area

A special one-off collaboration from Coalition Brewing and ABV Public House, Special Brownies Milk Stout is the latest addition to our CBD series. Roasted barley and pale chocolate malt provide sweetness with lactose giving it a silky mouthfeel. Chocolate syrup in the boil kettle, along with cacao post-fermentation, lends delicious flavors and aromatics of chocolate, making this winter treat irresistible! This beer is sure to be the perfect dessert any time of day with 4 mg of CBD per 12 oz!

$6.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:6%

Pints Poppyscotch Wee Heavy Ale

Tap#41 Pints Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Designed around last year’s Wee Heavy, but with a twist…British malts, hops and yeast put together this joy to behold, resulting in flavors and aromas of caramel, rich toffee, hints of plum and leather. The Admiral hops bring a light orange-citrus undertone to keep the body rich, but spirited. Speaking of spirits, we soaked the poppy seeds in Highland Park’s Magnus Single Malt Scotch Whiskey and tossed them into the fermentor. Slainte!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Ale | ABV:9.3%

Alesong Here Comes The Sun Farmhouse

Tap#42 Alesong Brewing - Willamette Valley

Our farmhouse ale, following tradition, is uniquely crafted with a host of spices and hops to create a dry, quaffable offering, laced with background of orange and lime citrus-like flavors and mild peppery aromas.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:5.6% | IBU:24

Barley Brown’s Don Vanuchi Imp. Stout

Tap#44 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

Big bold imperial stout with huge notes of roast and chocolate.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:9.5% | IBU:50 | hp | nt

Block 15 The Prophecies Belgian Quad

Tap#45 Block 15

Belgian strong dark brown ale inspired by one of our favorite beers brewed in the Ardennes mountains. European Pilsner and Munich malts form a base for layers of specialty malts and dark candi sugar. Gently hopped with with Oregon grown Sterling and Trappist yeast. A complex sipper with notes of dark fruits, cocoa, rum, and caramel with a warming balanced finished.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Belgian | ABV:9.3% | IBU:30

Ruse Grizzly Menace Coffee Porter

Tap#46 Ruse Brewing Co. - Portland Metro Area

Robust Coffee Porter

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Porter | ABV:7.7%

Ecliptic Capella Porter

Tap#47 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

Twinkling in the autumn night sky is Capella, a pair of binary stars. Capella Porter marks the end of the harvest season (Samhain), as we transition into the darker half of the year. A collection of American hops (Nugget, Chinook, Centennial and Cascade) brighten this lively porter. A chocolate nose is followed by caramel notes and a smooth finish.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Porter | ABV:5.2% | IBU:39

Ecliptic/LL Ursa Major Fruit Baltic Porter

Tap#48 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

Ursa Major is a Baltic Porter brewed with blackberries and blackcurrants.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Porter | ABV:7.6% | IBU:57

Ex Novo Dunstig Hazy IPA

Tap#50 Ex Novo - Portland Metro Area

Dunstig, or “Hazy” in German is a NEIPA brewed with Mardarina, Bavaria, and Citra hops. Notes of marmalade, citrus, and a touch of earthy dankness with low bitterness.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:5.8% | IBU:62

54-40 John Wayne Stout

Tap#51 54/40 Brewing - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

A classic American stout, with roasty and chocolatey notes anda hint of sweetness that balances out this American classic. It’s an American Stout so what else would we call it?

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Stout | ABV:5.5% | IBU:40

Royale Devil Horse Imp. Stout

Tap#52 Royale - Portland Metro Area

The name says it all! Like a beautiful scary steed that that may throw you for a loop.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:10.8% | IBU:42

New West Estelle Unfiltered Cider

Tap#54 Sasquatch Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Unfiltered and packed with dessert apples, real apple pie spices, brown sugar, caramel and love. Just like grandma makes.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6.5%

Heater Allen Pilsner

Tap#55 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

Heater Allen’s take of the renowned Bohemian-style pale lager. It’s a little more golden, rounder, and a little more malt driven than many other versions.  The beer possesses strong hop character that is balanced by its rich, round, malty palate.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:4.9% | IBU:35 | hp

Uptown Hop Creep IPA

Tap#56 Uptown Brewing - Portland Metro Area

New big hop IPA from Uptown Brewing.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.9% | IBU:75

G.O.W./Beachwood Wilful Misconduct IIPA

Tap#57 Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Portland Metro Area

While Grains of Wrath Brewing’s actual location in Camas, Washington is still but a twinkle in ex-Fat Head’s head brewer Mike Hunsaker’s eye, he and brewer Owen Lamb have busy brewing collabs with breweries far and wide. The latest Grains of Wrath Brewing collaboration an Imperial IPA called “Willful Misconduct” made with Long Beach-based Beachwood Brewing Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Grains of Wrath in PDX, this pugnacious double IPA is knockout of dank flavors & aromas!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:9% | IBU:90

Alter Ego The Brute Apple Cider

Tap#58 Alter Ego - Portland Metro Area

Blend of locally-grown Northwest apples, fresh pressed and fermented cool.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6.5%

Full Sail Session Lager $3 Pint

Tap#59 Full Sail - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Session Premium lager is an extremely tasty import-style lager, like the kind of beer made back in the pre-Prohibition days— plenty of flavor that goes down clean and smooth, we like to call it “Session-ability.” American and European hops offer a wonderful noble hop aroma, and the two-row barley malt and a touch of wheat malt give a pleasant, refreshing finish. Why have a beer when you could have a Session!

$3.00 16oz $1.50 Taster$12.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:5.1% | IBU:18 | sc

Hi Wheel Lime Habanero Citrus Wine

Tap#60 Hi-Wheel - Portland Metro Area

Habanero Lime gets its kick from habanero peppers in the finishing tanks, and there is quite a bit of heat!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Citrus Wine | ABV:6.8% | hp | sc

Bridgeport Siren’s Sound Imp. Stout $5

Tap#62 Bridgeport - Portland Metro Area

Siren’s Sound was brewed to be a little devious, just like the Sirens of lore. BridgePort’s brewers used a monstrous amount of De-bittered Black Malt, Midnight Wheat, and roasted barley to create a beer with a huge flavor profile and a sneaky 9.0% ABV and 75 IBU. Bringing balance to the brew, brewers used Sterling Hops in the kettle and finished off the beer with a dry hop dose of Mt. Hood’s for a special twist on this Imperial Russian Stout.

$5.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:9% | IBU:75

Pelican Tsunami Stout Nitro

Tap#63 Pelican - Oregon Coast

Midnight black color and rich dark-roasted aroma. Specially blended hops combine with flaked unmalted barley to give this brew a full body and a dense creamy head. All elements combine in a solid, lingering finish.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:7% | nt

Bridgeport Kingpin Imp. Red Nitro

Tap#64 Bridgeport - Portland Metro Area

KINGPIN is a full-flavored, red-colored ale that uses a rarely-grown Willamette Valley Hop varietal known as Liberty Hops from fourth generation hop farmer John Annen of Annen Bros. Farm in Silverton, Oregon. Jeff and his team of brewers also used rye and caramel malt leading to a unique flavor profile; triple-hopped for bitter aroma and a unique dry-hopped character.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:7.5% | IBU:65 | nt

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Tap#66 Deschutes - Central Oregon

With a dark beer as our first and flagship brand, Black Butte defined Deschutes as a radical player. A slight hop bitterness up front enhances the distinctive chocolate and roasted finish. It’s prized for its creamy mouthfeel and intense complex flavors.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:5.2% | IBU:30 | nt

Lompoc Special Draft LSD

Tap#67 Old Lompoc - Portland Metro Area

A Portland Classic! This strong ale has a deep mahogany color and is crafted with seven different specialty malts. A touch of smoked malt gives it a complex aroma and incredible flavor. LSD is also generously hopped with six hop varieties to help create an awesome beer.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:6.9% | IBU:58

Crux Tough Love Barrel Aged Imp.Stout

Tap#68 Crux - Central Oregon

An homage of sorts to the traditional Russian Imperial Stouts. constructed with dark roasted malts, malted rye, and oak-smoked wheat, and then banish it in Kentucky bourbon barrels. The aging process smooths out the edges on an otherwise bold statement, and bitterness succumbs to tender strokes of vanilla beans, hints of dried cherries.

$8.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:11.5% | IBU:70 | hp

Royale Inspector Red

Tap#70 Royale - Portland Metro Area

Rich, malty, flavorful red ale. Deep lush red color. Subtle tropical Fruit and berry hop aroma. Toffee, caramel, baked bread malt aromas and flavors. Medium-bodied. Clean finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler

Upright Beesment Farmhouse

Tap#73 Upright - Portland Metro Area

Saison from Upright, this one with spelt and wildflower honey.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:5.4%

Ecliptic Callisto Black Currant Tripel

Tap#74 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

Callisto Tripel is named after the outermost of Jupiter’s four Galilean moons, and the most heavily cratered object in our solar system. This golden Belgian a features traditional flavored of a sweet Tripel with the addition of tart black currants.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Ale | ABV:7.5%

Upright Pathways Saison

Tap#75 Upright - Portland Metro Area

Pathways Saison is a mixed fermentation beer blended from a lot of barrels varying in vintage from three to nine months. Multiple yeast and bacteria strains develop complex flavors and aromatics within a saison base featuring classic malt flavors alongside an attractive hop profile with herbal, grass, and soft lemon notes.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:8%

Monkless The Trinity Belgian Tripel

Tap#76 Monkless Belgian Ales - Central Oregon

Tripel is a term used by brewers or people mainly in the Low Countries, some other European countries, and the U.S. to describe a strong pale ale, loosely in the style of Westmalle Tripel.

$5.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Belgian | ABV:8.1% | IBU:30

Alesong White Witbier

Tap#77 Alesong Brewing - Willamette Valley

Belgian style Witbier brewed with orange peel coriander and chamomile.

$6.00 116oz $3.00 Taster
Wit | ABV:4.8%

Little Beast Field Folk Saison

Tap#78 Little Beast Brewing. - Portland Metro Area

5 Grain Saison

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:5.7%

Oregon City Frozen BA EisBock

Tap#79 Oregon City Brewing Co. - Portland Metro Area

We took our weizenbock and froze it, then removed the ice. This bumped up the alcohol a little bit…we then rounded it off by aging it in whiskey barrels for three months. Notes of flambéed banana, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla, and clove abound. You won’t want to Let It Go!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Barrel Aged | ABV:9% | IBU:30

Royale Hifi Hand Up Coffee Blonde

Tap#80 Royale - Portland Metro Area

A Belgian-style blond ale, brewed with local wildflower honey and blended with Stumptown Cold Brew for an extra kick! Fruity citrus esters, herbal spiciness, and floral honey aromas. Grainy malt character with balanced bitterness. Very dry and effervescent.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
ROYALE/54-40 SHOWCASE | ABV:6.6% | IBU:25

Little Beast Bes Tart Wheat Ale

Tap#81 Little Beast Brewing. - Portland Metro Area

Tart Wheat Ale brewed with Belgian malts, Noble hops and chamomile flower. Fermented with a blend of unique Saccharomyces yeast and conditioned with Lactobacillus. Juicy, bright and balanced

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:6%

Ecliptic Orange Giant Barleywine

Tap#82 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

Named after the giant orange stars in the sky, this barleywine has a gratifying warming effect and drinks smooth. Three malts create a hearty malt profile with robust character. Copious amounts of Chinook and Nugget hops combine for a nice resin hop flavor. Orange Giant is perfect for aging in your cellar.

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster
Barley Wine | ABV:12.5% | IBU:12

2 Town Man Gogh Mango Cider

Tap#83 2 Towns Cider - Willamette Valley

Tangy & equatorial, Man Gogh is a true masterpiece, artfully bringing together tropical fruit and peppers. Fresh ingredients with opposing characteristics work together to whisk you away to paradise. Van Gogh himself once said “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:8%

Little Beast Animal Family Foeder Aged FH

Tap#84 Little Beast Brewing. - Portland Metro Area

Seven distinct microflora come together in this oak-aged ale to produce a dynamic mixed culture beer. Aged for six months in a Foeder that formally held Cabernet Sauvignon, this beer has earthy and vinous qualities layered with tart stone fruit character.

$8.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:9% | IBU:27

Monkless Shepplekofeggan Wit

Tap#85 Monkless Belgian Ales - Central Oregon

Medium-light bodied ale brewed with a generous portion of wheat, oats, coriander, & fresh orange zest.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Wit | ABV:5.4%

Swift Blood Orange Cider

Tap#86 Swift Cider - Portland Metro Area

Blood Orange and a single varietal Pippin.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6.7%

Rev Nat’s The Revival

Tap#87 Rev Nat - Portland Metro Area

I start with a secret blend of Washington-grown apples and add piloncillo, dark brown evaporated cane juice, purchased direct from Michoacan, Mexico. I ferment this dark base to all the way to dry using two exotic yeast strains: a beer yeast known for the round mouthfeel in Saisons and a rarely-used secret culture which produces aromas of pineapple, guava and peaches. This cider is brilliantly golden in color and deeply complex while remaining subtly familiar, with just the right amount of sweetness and acidity to be an everyday beverage.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6% | hp

Woodbox Heritage 8 Cider

Tap#88 Woodbox Cider Co. - Portland Metro Area

Eight different heirloom apples were harvested to produce this exquisite cider.
Flavor: complex yet subtle and completely dry. Mineral notes, some barnyard and funk with a lingering finish.
As is tradition, Heritage 8 was fermented with the help of wild yeasts and created from a single yearly pressing so when it’s gone, it’s gone!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:8.1%

Ground Breaker IPA

Tap#89 Ground Breaker - Portland Metro Area

IPA No. 5 is brewed with roasted chestnuts, roasted lentils, and Belgian-style candi sugar. Crystal and Santiam hops are used during the boil and for dry-hopping. Crystal hops bring the classic Northwest IPA pine and citrus notes while Santiam adds hints of tropical and stone fruits.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Gluten Free Beer | ABV:5.6% | IBU:60

Atlas Blackberry Cider

Tap#90 Atlas Cider - Central Oregon

Oregon has a state flag, song, flower, and this my friends is our nomination for a state cider. A dark hue of purple fills the glass as we took zero short-cuts with this fine blend of Oregon Black Berries and Elderberries. The tartness of the blackberries is rounded out by the complex characteristics of the elderberries. Filled with tannins the cider leaves a delightful dry and rich finish that red wine lovers will especially enjoy. Cheers to Oregon berries.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Cider | ABV:6.5% | sc

Pono Sunset On The Bog Cran/Orange Sour

Tap#92 Pono Brewing - Portland Metro Area

We sourced Oregon grown cranberries from Cape Blanco Cranberries and made a tart cranberry orange farmhouse using a mixed fermentation process.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:5.8%

Yachats Sitka Sour

Tap#93 Yachats - Oregon Coast

A light, bright sour ale infused with sitka spruce sap.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:4.2%

Coldfire As You Wish Mango Sour

Tap#94 ColdFire Brewing Co. - Willamette Valley

As You Wish is a tropical sour beer with a mild, balanced acidity. Created to be sessionable, pleasingly tart, and refreshing. This beer was conditioned on several hundred pounds of mango and blood orange puree.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Sour | ABV:4.9%

Little Beast Tree Spirt Foeder Aged W/Cherries

Tap#95 Little Beast Brewing. - Portland Metro Area

Whole Montmorency cherries combined with our foeder-aged mixed culture ale result in a beer that’s layered with complexity and predominant flavors of vanilla, almond and vibrant cherry. Unfiltered.

$10.00 10oz $5.00 Taster
Farmhouse / Saison | ABV:7% | IBU:16

Vanguard Red Don Flanders Sour

Tap#96 Vanguard Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Red Don is a moderately sour beer with a beautiful red-amber hue. This very limited release sour was inspired by a trip to Belgium the owners took in the 1990’s, exemplified by fruit characteristics of plum, prune, raisin, raspberry and cherry and followed by some spicy notes. It was brewed as a collaboration with Loyal Legion and a small portion of the batch has been put into whiskey oak barrels for aging. It will be a special release at some point in the future and we can’t wait!

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Sour | ABV:5.5% | IBU:9

Hopworks Xocolatl Spiced Quad Cask

Tap#97 Hopworks Urban

Belgian style quad with Mexican spices

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Ale | ABV:9.6%