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Fort George City Of Dreams Hazy IPA

Tap#1 Fort George - Oregon Coast

Once in a while you find that magical place. A creative confluence of scenic panoramas, bountiful lands, and independent spirit. A site on the edge of nowhere yet enticing to all, where cityscape ends and the open ocean begins. Whether you call it Shangri-La or Utopia or the City of Dreams, one thing is certain – this is the beer you will find there.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:5.5%

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA

Tap#2 Deschutes - Central Oregon

A juicy citrus and grapefruit flavor profile. As if fresh Citra and Mosaic hops were squeezed straight into your glass.

$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler

Gigantic/Anchorage Electric IIPA

Tap#3 Gigantic - Portland Metro Area

A collaboration with Anchorage Brewing’s Gabe. Juicy, soft and fluffy.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:8% | hp

Barley Brown’s Ratchet Strap IPA

Tap#4 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

2015 GABF Gold Medal Winner. A bright IPA brewed with Mellon, Mosaic and Simcoe Hops. Light bitterness and balanced with fruity hop aroma.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.3% | IBU:55

Block 15 Sticky Hands Imp. IPA

Tap#5 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

This hop experience ale features ample additions of sticky, resinous, lupulin packed hop buds grown in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy a hop decrescendo that begins with an aromatic blast of tropical fruits, citrus and dank herbs, transitions into intense hop flavor and then ends with a subtle bitter finish. Gently propped up by pale malted barley and fermented with specially selected brewer’s yeast designed to balance this immense hop experience.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:8.1% | IBU:110 | hp

Wayfinder Flower In The Kettle Hazy IPA

Tap#6 Wayfinder Brewing - Portland Metro Area

NEIPA, Bucketloads of juicy Mosaic hops balance between Amarillo and grapefruit forward Simcoe.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Hazy | ABV:6.7% | hp

Baerlic Trickle Drops Hazy IIPA

Tap#7 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Hazy Double IPA with Citra, Galaxy and El Dorado Hops.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Hazy | ABV:8%

pFriem IPA

Tap#8 Pfriem - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

When the first Pale Ales were sailed around the Cape to arrive in India in the early 18th century, outcries of “Zounds! Jolly good! and Huzzah!” were heard across the East Indian subcontinent. Similar exclamations are to be expected when sniffing the piney aroma and tasting the big hops, huge citrus and candy-like malt of Pfriem’s own IPA. Drink up, Guv’nor.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7.2% | IBU:65

Level EP. 4 A Brew Hope IPA

Tap#9 Level Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Help me IPA Kanobi, you’re my only hope…

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.6%

Von Ebert Dr. Googly Eyes Red IPA

Tap#10 Von Ebert Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Red IPA brewed with Amarillo, Citra, and Chinook Hops.
•Candy peel, berry, orange honey

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.1%

Upright Money Avenue IPA

Tap#11 Upright - Portland Metro Area

Money Avenue IPA is an experimental batch for us, venturing into the realm of high flavor/low bitterness IPAs. To give the beer some edge and an Upright distinction, we went extra dry, offsetting fruity and sweet smelling el dorado, mosaic, and strata hops and making a modern profile drinkable. The dryness is achieved without sacrificing body thanks to our three strain house kveik blend and open fermentation, while a ninety degree dryhop temperature accentuates complex, bright greenhouse smelling hop oils. 7%

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:7%

G.O.W. Double Doink IIPA

Tap#12 Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Collaboration with Lombard House celebrating the Eagles win vs the Bears because of a missed kick.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Imperial IPA | ABV:8.3%

Pelican Old Fashioned At Sea Ale

Tap#13 Pelican - Oregon Coast

Our special Abbey style dark ale has a touch of all the right flavors to make you feel lost at sea. Candied orange peels with dark abbey malt and cherry juice, perfectly layered over a Belgian Abbey yeast. Succumb to the sophistication of our Old Fashioned, At Sea.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Ale | ABV:7.9% | IBU:18

Baerlic Long Story Short Hazy IPA

Tap#14 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Long story short, we love hops. So we got a bunch and put them in this here Hazy India Pale Ale. Simcoe, Galaxy, and Citra if you were wondering. And we could go on and on about the delightful aromas of…
Malts: Weyermann Pils, Vienna, Wheat & Oats
Hops: Simcoe, Galaxy, Citra
Yeast: Imperial Juice

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Hazy | ABV:6.6%

Stormbreaker Son Of Jango Hazy IPA

Tap#15 Stormbreaker Brewing - Portland Metro Area

The baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy deserves the baddest IPA. Brewed with Falconer’s Flight, Galaxy, & Mandarina Bavaria hops, this beer has a mean bite, but will finish you off smooth.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Hazy | ABV:6.7% | IBU:60

Culmination Drone Logic Hazy IPA

Tap#16 Culmination - Portland Metro Area

Rotating hazy series.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Hazy | ABV:7.5%

Old Town Glow Torch Hazy

Tap#17 Old Town - Portland Metro Area

Tropical, peach, citrus

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Hazy | ABV:5.9% | IBU:53

Breakside Rainbows & Unicorns ISA

Tap#18 Breakside - Portland Metro Area

This session IPA is brewed from flaked rice to create as light bodied a beer as possible with juicy, tropical dank and fruity hop flavors, alongsidenotes of pineapple, onedew, lime and mango. Breakside employed four new hop varietals – Equinox, Calypso, Huell Melon andEldorado – to achieve these flavors.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:4.7% | IBU:30 | hp

Boneyard Skunkape Red IPA

Tap#19 Boneyard - Central Oregon

Pale, Crystal and Melanoidin malts give this red ale its color and unique mouth feel. Massive hop character is derived from the Simcoe and Bravo hops and hop oils. We teamed up with Lib Tech to create this beast of a brew.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Red | ABV:6% | IBU:4

Claim 52 Kolsch

Tap#20 Claim 52 - Willamette Valley

Kolsch is a traditional pale ale that was first coined in Cologne, Germany around the 1900s. This German Alt- style bier features prominent hops and finishes crisp, leaving hints of melon and pear. The McKenzie River is mostly to blame for our award winning Kolsch as its mineral profile is perfect for the style.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Kolsch | ABV:5.2% | IBU:22

Allegory/Occidental Traditionally Untraditional Oat Dunkel

Tap#21 Allegory Brewing - Willamette Valley

We teamed up with our traditional lager brewing friends at Occidental for a very untraditional spin on a Munich Dunkel and created an Oat Dunkel! Traditionally long lagered but untraditionally full of oats for a soft but fuller mouthfeel and body.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:5.4%

Block 15 Black Gold Schwarzbier

Tap#22 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

This black lager was brewed with specialty dark malts and gently hopped with German hops. Extended cold conditioning rounded out its sharper roast character, producing a smooth and refreshing dark beer offering notes of toasted nuts, dark chocolate, and a hint of dried fruit.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:5%

Super Czech Pils

Tap#23 Super Brewing Co

Czech Style Pils.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:4.7% | IBU:31

Heater Allen Pilsner

Tap#24 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

Heater Allen’s take of the renowned Bohemian-style pale lager. It’s a little more golden, rounder, and a little more malt driven than many other versions.  The beer possesses strong hop character that is balanced by its rich, round, malty palate.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:4.9% | IBU:35 | hp

Deschutes Planète Rouge BA Sour $8

Tap#25 Deschutes - Central Oregon

A complex ale, aged in wine and brandy barrels brimming with notes of dark red fruit and apple

$8.00 8oz $4.00 Taster

Heater Allen Coastal Amber Lager

Tap#26 Heater Allen - Willamette Valley

We like to call this a Northwest Amber Lager, but it is often categorized as a Vienna style lager. The beer originally started out resembling a Steam Beer style beer, but we’ve slowly been dropping the fermentation temperature to the point where it’s really just a lager beer, and too smooth, to fit that category. The color looks like a Vienna style lager, but the amount and type of hops, and the grain bill are quite different.  We use Magnum and Cascade hops in this beer, and they blend well with the German malts we use. The beer features strong hop character, along with smooth malt, caramel, and toffee flavors and aromas, with a refreshing bite in the finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:5% | IBU:35

Barley Brown’s Coyote Peak Wheat

Tap#27 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

A refreshing Northwest Style wheat beer. Brewed with American White Wheat and 2-row barley. Won 4 medals at the North American Beer Awards.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Wheat | ABV:5.5% | sc

Baerlic Chasing Rainbows Wheat

Tap#28 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

American Wheat Ale brewed with Idaho 7 and Citra for a balance of kumquat and ripe passion fruit with a viscous mouthfeel and bright finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Wheat | ABV:5.4%

Ruse Descending Dusk Dark Lager

Tap#29 Ruse Brewing Co. - Portland Metro Area

This Czech-inspired Dark Lager is brewed with a healthy dose of Munich and debittered black malts. Brewed with spicy Saaz hops for a classic spicy and snappy finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:5.2%

Ninkasi Sleigh’r Winter Warmer $5

Tap#30 Ninkasi - Willamette Valley

Seasonal Release Series. Dark Double Alt – A delicious Northwest seasonal brewed with Winter in mind. A dark double alt, malty, nourishing and delicious, it’s sure to keep the cold weather at bay. Let Sleigh’r rock your winter!

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Ale | ABV:7.2% | IBU:50


Tap#31 FERMENT Brewing - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Märzen or Märzenbier (German: March or March beer, respectively) is a lager that originated in Bavaria. It has a medium to full body and may vary in color from pale through amber to dark brown.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:5.7%

Logsdon The Super Wit

Tap#32 Logsdon
our new core brand Wit, brewed with bitter and sweet orange peel, Indian coriander and Hoegaarden yeast
$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Wit | ABV:5.5%

Deschutes Da Shootz Pilsner

Tap#33 Deschutes - Central Oregon

DES-cahooties? DAY-shoots? DES-schwett-ays? We’ve heard it all over the 30 years we’ve been brewing craft beer. So…we’re making it easy this time around.

Simple in design, this beer is made to pair with DOING! There’s really no activity or non-activity that wouldn’t pair perfectly with this beer. Leave the beer creation obstacles and overthinking to us. Cheers!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster

pFriem Pilsner

Tap#34 Pfriem - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

pFriem Pilsner is as refreshing and flavorful as its European cousin–and with aromas of fresh flowers and honey, we’ve managed to fit the Pacific Northwest into each pour.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:4.9%

Pelican Bad Santa Ale

Tap#35 Pelican - Oregon Coast

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, you better not pout and here’s telling you why—Bad Santa has arrived. Brewed for a limited time each holiday season, this mysterious dark nectar is filled with complex flavors and aromas. Toasted malt and roast character blends seamlessly with the alluring herbal hop aroma that comes from copious amounts of Fuggle hops. Bad Santa doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice as long as this beer is on your list.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Brown | ABV:7.5% | IBU:65

Pono Not My Gumdrop Buttons Cream Ale

Tap#36 Pono Brewing - Portland Metro Area

We teamed up with chef Matthew Sigler of IL SOLITO to create a beer for their holiday cocktail pop up called Miracle Bar. We took a bunch of fresh-baked gingerbread people, a touch of gingerbread spices, and added them to a batch of cream ale.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Cream | ABV:7.2%

Block 15 Oaked Winter Warmer

Tap#37 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Winter warmer fermented in oak barrels.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Ale | ABV:9%

Upright Sweet ‘n Low Dry Milk Stout

Tap#38 Upright - Portland Metro Area

Sweet ‘n Low Stout is collaborative dry milk stout, made with longtime friend of the brewery Rick Nelson who visited us from Amsterdam. The oxymoronic style was based on his idea, and we fine-tuned it with our Yorkshire ale yeast and open fermentation. There’s just enough lactose to offset the dryness, making for a
flavorful and nuanced session stout.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:4%

Baerlic Good Guys Wear Plaid Scotch Ale

Tap#39 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Scotch/Wee Heavy style ale.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Ale | ABV:5.1%

Pelican Five Brewer’s Flanders Red

Tap#40 Pelican - Oregon Coast

Aged for over two years in Pinot Noir barrels, our born at the beach Flanders style red ale has many layers.The slightly spicy nose brings in aromas of cinnamon, dried cherries, and sherry, followed through with a modest tartness. Flavors of dried plums, honey, and cranberries shine through and finishes dry with effervescent notes.

$6.00 8oz $3.00 Taster

Block 15 ESB

Tap#41 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

This “extra special” variation on a classic English bitter highlights a perfect harmony of imported English malts and hops. True to the tradition of English pub beers, this classic style balances complex malt notes of toasted nuts, caramel, and honey with gentle hop bitterness and a crisp water profile that lifts these complex flavors right off your palate from one refreshing sip to the next.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
ESB | ABV:5.5%

Buoy BA Decapitator Doppelbock 2018

Tap#42 Buoy Brewing - Oregon Coast

Brewed with intention and diligence, our Decapitator Doppelbock harkens back to the traditions of Monastic Germany. Big malt aromatics lead with toasty graham cracker, toffee and marshmallow. Smooth and sneaky, supported by warming alcohol notes and subtle caramel esters. Aged for 12 months in Fireside Bourbon barrels.

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster

Barley Brown’s Sled Wreck Winter Ale

Tap#43 Barley Brown's - Eastern Oregon

Aroma is wood/oak, whisky, medium malt, dark fruit, vanilla. Taste is wood/oak, whisky, medium malt, dark fruit, vanilla, alcohol, finishes with flat/metallic hops. Sipping. Nicely done.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Brown | ABV:8.6% | IBU:75 | hp

Breakside Salted Caramel Stout

Tap#44 Breakside - Portland Metro Area

A dessert stout brewed with lactose caramel and fleur de sel, inspired by our friends Tyler & Kim Malek at Salt & Straw. Tyler has been working on perfecting a lactose caramel syrup that mimics the flavor in his sea salt and caramel ice cream. After a few test blends, we’re worried that this might be the most addictive dessert beer ever made.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:6.7% | hp

Allegory/KEX Winter Warmer

Tap#45 Allegory Brewing - Willamette Valley

collaboration with new Icelandic based KEX Brewing. A classic Winter Warmer to sip away the cold, whether in Portland or Reykjavík, leaving you feeling wrapped up in a warm wool blanket after a couple pints.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Ale | ABV:7.6%

Deschutes Black Butte XXXI $8

Tap#46 Deschutes - Central Oregon

In Celebration of our 31st Anniversary, this year’s imperial porter was inspired by Turkish Coffee and uses cold brew from our very own Scott Hughes of Third Rock Roasters.

$8.00 10oz $4.00 Taster

Deschutes The Dissident 2018 On Brett $8

Tap#47 Deschutes - Central Oregon

This ode to the classic Oud Bruin reveals the unmatched complexity of flavor, including cherries and oak, with some slight acidity. Since it’s unlike anything else we brew, it is known as The Dissident.

$8.00 10oz $4.00 Taster

Deschutes Dissident Flanders Sour 2018

Tap#48 Deschutes - Central Oregon

This ode to the classic Oud Bruin reveals unmatched complexity of flavor, including
cherries and oak, with a pleasant, bright acidity. And it is unlike anything else we brew,
worthy of the name The Dissident.

$8.00 8oz $4.00 Taster

Deschutes Lil’ Squeezy Pale

Tap#49 Deschutes - Central Oregon

Refreshingly juicy. Effortlessly drinkable. Freshly Squeezed. No fruit was harmed in the making of this beer.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster

pFriem Sultana Single Hop Pale

Tap#50 Pfriem - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Sultana is BIG. A monster of a plant with gigantic cones, she has a high total oil content to boot! With pineapple, pine and bright citrus notes, Sultana is sure to make “one hell of an IPA!”

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:5.9%

pFriem Hazy Passionfruit Pale

Tap#51 Pfriem - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Hazy + Passionfruit = Love.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:5.5%

Second Profession La Rambla Hazy Pale

Tap#52 Second Profession Brewing - Portland Metro Area

A bold, murky pale ale with huge notes of ripe mango, grapefruit and papaya. Azacca and Cascade hops will make you wonder if this beer even used hops.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:5.1%

Fort George The Meadow Pilsner

Tap#53 Fort George - Oregon Coast

Slow down, get a slow pour, and enjoy this unfiltered German-style Pilsner from the brewers at Fort George. Traditional malts lay down a soft and bready, almost honey-like bed. Sunny yellow with a fluffy white head, The Meadow flowers with herbal and spicy notes of noble hops. Wander down if you can. You are always welcome to join us in The Meadow.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:4.9% | hp

Deschutes Wowza! Hazy Pale

Tap#54 Deschutes - Central Oregon

WOWZA! is impossibly delicious. With only 100 calories, 4g of carbs, 4% ABV and a crisp, light finish, this full-flavored yet crushable, citrusy hazy pale ale will make you say…WOWZA! Chicory Root has been added to bring some balance to the body of the beer without affecting the calorie count. Our latest creation is now pouring everywhere you can find Deschutes on draft – if you don’t see it, ask your bartender to bring it in. Go ahead, Embrace the Impossible!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster

Bull Run Bramble Berry Cider

Tap#55 Bull Run Cider - Southern Oregon

Bull Run Cider’s Bramble Berry is made with a selection of summer ripening apples, infused with a blend of locally grown Marion, Black and Boysenberries. The result is a cider rich in color and full of berry flavor and aroma. This fusion of apple and berry flavors offers a taste of some of the finest fruit Oregon has to offer.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6.8%

Occidental Hefeweizen

Tap#56 Occidental - Portland Metro Area

Our hefeweizen is of the classic Bavarian variety. Made with 70% wheat, lightly hopped with German Hallertauer, it’s refreshing and slightly dry with the beguiling banana and clove notes that give away the provenance of the true weizen yeast we use. This is a German-style wheat beer the way it should be–no lemon needed to make up for inadequacy.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Hefe | ABV:4.7% | IBU:4

Ross Island Loyal Lager $4

Tap#57 Ross Is. Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Our own lager, with classic czech pilsner ingredients and styling. Crisp, crushable with a nice hop bite.

$4.00 16oz $2.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:4.9% | IBU:30 | hp

Montavilla Lotus Hoperandi Pale

Tap#58 Montavilla Brewing - Portland Metro Area

A crisp, golden Pale Ale with aromas of orange creamsicle, berries and tropical fruit. Single dry hopped with Hopsteiner’s experimental variety named “Lotus”. Light bitterness, with a fruity yet quenching finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:5.4% | IBU:40

Baerlic Hellesner Lager

Tap#59 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Hellsner is brewed 100% with Oregon grown ingredients entirely from the estate of Goschie Farms located 40 just miles from our brewery in Silverton, Oregon! Now that’s local!!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:4.8% | IBU:20

Allegory Open Parachute Zappa Hop Pale

Tap#60 Allegory Brewing - Willamette Valley

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” ― Frank Zappa
Open your mind to this Single-Hop Pale w/ Zappa hops. They’re a trip.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:6%

Deschutes Red Chair Pale Nitro

Tap#61 Deschutes - Central Oregon

The citrus punch of a big IPA, minus the one-dimensional hop sledgehammer. Several select European and domestic malts round out the edges for a complex, copper-colored brew. Like its namesake ski lift, it’s an insider’s ride to fresh thrills.


$6.00 16oz $2.00 Taster$14.00 Growler

KEX Coffee And Cream NITRO Porter

Tap#62 KEX Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Smooth porter just like a nice nitro cold brew.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:6.4%

Cascade Lakes Pineapple Kush Nitro IPA

Tap#63 Cascade Lakes - Central Oregon

With 37 IBUs, Pineapple Kush IPA is an American IPA using Centennial, Idaho 7, and Mosaic hops. This blend comes in at 7.1% ABV and is brewed with 2-row, Crystal, and Dextrose grains.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:7.1% | IBU:37

Modern Times Black House Coffee Stout

Tap#64 Modern Times Brewing - Portland Metro Area

It’s so great that you like coffee. I just love that about you. Speaking of which, you’re holding an oatmeal coffee stout positively redolent with coffee aroma and flavor. It’s not acrid. It’s not astringent. It doesn’t taste like that brown puddle at the bottom of the office carafe at 4pm. It kind of tastes like chocolate covered espresso beans, only drier and more like beer. It’s the full-blown coffee beer experience in a sessionable-ish package.

$6.00 6oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:5.8% | IBU:40

Cascade Lakes Salted Caramel Porter Nitro

Tap#65 Cascade Lakes - Central Oregon

This limited release of our seasonal Vault Series is a lightly-roasted, mahogany-colored, medium-bodied malt that is as smooth as a Marvin Gaye love song. With a sweet, salted-caramel flavor, this special porter is a delicious ale you’ll want to enjoy over and over. Mercy, mercy me!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:5.8% | IBU:37

Crux Nitro Stout

Tap#66 Crux - Central Oregon

A NITRO beer with medium malt sweetness, caramel, chocolate and roasted coffee flavors with a distinctive dry-roasted bitterness in the finish.


$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:7.7% | IBU:60

Wild Ride Laughing Face Imp.Coconut NITRO Porter

Tap#67 Wild Ride - Central Oregon

Laughing Face Imperial Coconut Porter has all the elements to get you dreaming about wiggling your toes in
the sand and enjoying the sun. You’ll be taken away by the aroma of sweet coconut and chocolate. This will
quickly lead to diving in and enjoying waves of flavor that match. You’ll also be delighted with subtle notes of
roast and a pleasant warming sensation. This vacation for your mouth is ultimately created by using select
specialty malts and over fifty pounds of coconut shavings. The word “coco” means “Laughing Face”, so let
this beer take you away and bring a smile to your face.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:9.1%

Ancestry Cream Ale Nitro

Tap#68 Ancestry Brewing Co - Portland Metro Area

A light refreshing ale that exhibits lager characteristics. Barley, corn, and oats mixed together with bitter gold hops to provide a drinkable summer delight.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:5.8%

Gigantic Nitro IPA

Tap#69 Gigantic

True to its name. Cascade, Centennial, Crystal and Simcoe create a citrusy hop confluence that continuously embiggens with each drink. The embodiment of our brewing philosophy to “Never Give An Inch”.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:7.3%

Double Mt. Carrie Ladd Porter NITRO

Tap#70 Double Mountain - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

This beer is a tribute to the Steamship Carrie Ladd that ran freight and passengers from Portland to the Cascade Rapids (Cascade Locks) from 1859 to 1862. We ferment this beer with Czech Lager yeast at ale temperature to temper the sulfur that this yeast tends to throw. The unique ferment temperature also provides a fresh bread aroma with light cherry fruit overtones to this already rich, roasted, and robust porter. This style was widely popular among the pioneers that flocked to the coastal Northwest for the gold and timber rush.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:6.6% | IBU:43

Pelican Oat Trip Pale

Tap#73 Pelican - Oregon Coast

Oat Trip is a silky pale ale brewed with exotic blonde roasted oats for a pillowy soft mouthfeel with a light roast and subtle sweetness. The aromatic Ahtunam hops give this ale a pleasant resinous spice flavor balanced out by notes of orange citrus.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pale | ABV:6.2%

Culmination Trou Belle Saison

Tap#74 Culmination - Portland Metro Area

a stellar saison in the classic farmhouse style.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:5.2% | hp

Deschutes Wayfarer Sour Cider $8

Tap#75 Deschutes

Walking and talking cider in an 86 year old Oregon apple orchard, we, alongside the orchardist, hand selected varieties and developed a proprietary blend with distinct acid and tannin structure. Through experimentation and selection we developed a unique sour cider which utilizes five apple varieties, and spontaneous fermentation with the wild yeast from the apples

$8.00 10oz $4.00 Taster

Block 15 City Slicker Farmhouse

Tap#76 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

This farmhouse ale pairs a classic Belgian farmhouse yeast with noble hops imported from Germany, including a generous dry-hopping with Mandarina Bavaria—a varietal named for its vibrant mandarin orange notes, which beautifully blend with the base beer’s farmhouse esters. A nuanced grist profile contrasts these fruity notes with both rye malt and flaked corn, which lend dryness and rustic earthiness to the finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:5.5% | hp

Wolves & People Devant Oak BA Saison $7

Tap#77 Wolves And People - Willamette Valley

Oak aged saison, 2nd batch of Devant

$7.00 10oz $3.00 Taster

Pelican Queen Of Hearts Gin BA Saison

Tap#78 Pelican - Oregon Coast

Our Saison du Pélican is exceptional on its own; when aged in local gin barrels from our friends at Ransom Distillery, it takes on an additional dimension of harmonious flavor. The fruity and spicy aroma of the farmhouse Belgian yeast, herbaceous Goldings hops, and the well-rounded malt character of Saison du Pélican pair exquisitely with the latent botanical flavors imparted by Ransom Distillery’s Old Tom gin barrels. In the practice of their craft, distillers only bottle the “heart of the hearts” (the best part of the distillate), which is why we dubbed our Saison “the Queen of Hearts.”

$6.00 8oz $3.00 Taster

Deschutes Tangelo Cardamom Sour

Tap#79 Deschutes - Central Oregon

An indulgent infusion of complex yet complimentary flavors, this American sour ale swirls through notes of tangy citrus and warm cardamom spice on a light current of oolong tea.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster

Ross Is./LL Collab. Series #4 Bill And Jess’s Excellent Red-Venture

Tap#80 Ross Is. Brewing - Portland Metro Area

The fourth beer in the ongoing Ross Island and Loyal Legion collab. series: A Imperial Vienna Lager with Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Brown Sugar, EXXXCCCELLENT!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Lager | ABV:7.5%

Deschutes The Abyss 2018 $8

Tap#81 Deschutes - Central Oregon

A deep, dark Imperial Stout, The Abyss has almost immeasurable depth and complexity. Hints of molasses, licorice and other alluring flavors make it something not just to quaff, but contemplate.

$8.00 10oz $4.00 Taster

Monkless Dubbel Or Nothing

Tap#82 Monkless Belgian Ales - Central Oregon

Belgian Dubbel.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:7.2%

Deschutes The Abyss Port BA 2019 $8

Tap#83 Deschutes - Central Oregon

Our Brewers aged this Imperial Stout in Sherry barrels as well to bring you an Old World style that should not be missed.

$8.00 10oz $4.00 Taster

Avid Blackberry Cider

Tap#84 Atlas Cider - Central Oregon

Oregon has a state flag, song, flower, and this my friends is our nomination for a state cider. A dark hue of purple fills the glass as we took zero short-cuts with this fine blend of Oregon Black Berries and Elderberries. The tartness of the blackberries is rounded out by the complex characteristics of the elderberries. Filled with tannins the cider leaves a delightful dry and rich finish that red wine lovers will especially enjoy. Cheers to Oregon berries.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Cider | ABV:6.5% | sc

2 Towns Serious Scrump Imp. Cider

Tap#85 2 Towns Cider - Willamette Valley

Rich and substantial, Serious Scrump is a dry scrumpy cider made using an ice juice process. An eclectic blend of apples are pressed, frozen, and slowly thawed, resulting in thick aromatic juice which is then fermented with traditional English cider yeast.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:11%

Ground Breaker/Breakside Breakin’ The Haze GF IPA

Tap#86 Ground Breaker - Portland Metro Area

Gluten-Free Hazy IPA collab w/ Breakside Brewery

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster
Gluten Free Beer | ABV:6% | IBU:45

Pelican Cactus Queen BA Belgian Blonde

Tap#87 Pelican - Oregon Coast

All hail our Cactus Queen! This double barreled beer has characteristics of your favorite spicy tequila, while maintaining an exciting, bold balance of flavors. Aged in Reposado Tequila and Ransom Old Tom Gin barrels for a dynamic oaky and earthy aromas will make their presence known from the start.

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster

Rev Nat’s The Revival

Tap#88 Rev Nat - Portland Metro Area

I start with a secret blend of Washington-grown apples and add piloncillo, dark brown evaporated cane juice, purchased direct from Michoacan, Mexico. I ferment this dark base to all the way to dry using two exotic yeast strains: a beer yeast known for the round mouthfeel in Saisons and a rarely-used secret culture which produces aromas of pineapple, guava and peaches. This cider is brilliantly golden in color and deeply complex while remaining subtly familiar, with just the right amount of sweetness and acidity to be an everyday beverage.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:6% | hp

Deschutes Abyss 2019 $7

Tap#89 Deschutes - Central Oregon

A deep, dark Imperial Stout, The Abyss has almost immeasurable depth and complexity. Hints of molasses, licorice and other alluring flavors make it something not just to quaff, but contemplate.

$7.00 10oz $4.00 Taster

Block 15 Oud Bruin

Tap#90 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Inspired by the tart, delightfully complex brown ales brewed and blended in the Flemish region of Belgium, our Oud Bruin blends young brown ale with portions of sour, rustic barrel-aged stock from our wild cellar. After extended conditioning in stainless, the blend developed a wonderful balance of tobacco, pie cherries, caramel, and dried fruit character alongside gentle acidity

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:6.5%

Ecliptic Carina Peach Sour

Tap#91 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

The name is from the constellation, Carina, the keel of the ship Argo in the southern sky. Loaded with fresh peach flavor it is a sour ale perfect for anytime of year. The use of pale malt makes for a crisp character, while lactobacillus gives it a tart and refreshing finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:5.5% | IBU:10

Upright Foeder 5 Foeder aged Saison

Tap#92 Upright - Portland Metro Area

Upright’s 5 blended saison aged in a Foeder.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:5.5%

Allegory/LL My Own Private Idaho 7 Sour

Tap#93 Allegory Brewing - Willamette Valley

Collab with Loyal Legion, Idaho 7 wet hopped kettle sour.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:5.5%

Alesong Touch Of Brett $8

Tap#94 Allegory Brewing - Willamette Valley

This dry, French-style saison was primary fermented with Brettanomyces Lambicus for a fruity and spicy experience. After aging, it was dry-hopped liberally with Citra hops to complement the orange, grapefruit, and earthy flavors that evolved during the aging time.

$8.00 10oz $4.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:7.7% | IBU:23

10 Barrel Shaken Not Stirred Sour

Tap#95 10 Barrel - Central Oregon

Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:6.9%

Cascade/Mikkeller Bean To Barrel BA Sour

Tap#96 Cascade Brewing - Portland Metro Area

A collaboration project made with Mikkeller, Bean-to-Barrel Triple features a blend of barrel and foudre aged sour triple ales with toasted Oregon and French oak and a late infusion of cocoa nibs sourced from Bean Geeks Craft Chocolate in Copenhagen. Celebrating Bean Geeks’ “bean-to-bar” chocolate-making methods, Bean-to-Barrel Triple offers aromas of dark chocolate, vanilla and toasted oak sugars combined with the light pear and citrus fruit notes of the sour triple.

$8.00 8oz $4.00 Taster

Ecliptic Meridian Vanilla Dry Stout CASK

Tap#97 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

Finished with vanilla beans, our Dry Irish Style Stout has a smooth mouthfeel with notes of cacao and roast.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:5.2%

Boneyard Lemon Ginger Elixir CBD

Tap#98 Boneyard - Central Oregon

Non Alcoholic Lemon Ginger Beer with CBD.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
N/A Beverage

Boneyard Passionfruit Turmeric CBD

Tap#99 Boneyard - Central Oregon

CBD beverage with passionfruit and turmeric.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
N/A Beverage

Aurora Citrus Cayenne CBD Elixir

Tap#100 Aurora CBD Elixir - Portland Metro Area

15mg CBD Elixir.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
CBD NA Beav.