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Two Roots Brewing Straight Drank IPA N/A

Two Roots

2020 Great American Beer Festival® Bronze Medal winner. For this hoppy, dank, resiny West Coast-style IPA, we used the dankest hops–tons of Eureka! and a splash of Comet–infused it with the finest botanically derived terpenes.

$5.00 12oz

Two Roots Helles Lager N/A

Two Roots

Two Roots Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic Craft Lager, “GOLD” medal winner at the 2019 and 2021 Great American Beer Festival, is firmly rooted in its German tradition, our golden non-alcoholic helles is made with only Pilsner Malt and Hallertau Hops. This clean refreshing near beer is perfect for any occasion. Understood and beloved worldwide – Enough Said.

$5.00 12oz

Two Roots New West Hazy IPA N/A

Two Roots

Two Roots Brewing’s street-wise Non-Alcoholic IPA-inspired beverage has been influenced by its travels from the West Coast to New England and back. Light malts and oats create a bright look for this IPA-inspired beverage that is well balanced with fruit-forward hop aroma and flavor.

$5.00 12oz

Block 15 Sticky Hands Imp. IPA

Tap#1 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

This hop experience ale features ample additions of sticky, resinous, lupulin packed hop buds grown in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy a hop decrescendo that begins with an aromatic blast of tropical fruits, citrus and dank herbs, transitions into intense hop flavor and then ends with a subtle bitter finish. Gently propped up by pale malted barley and fermented with specially selected brewer’s yeast designed to balance this immense hop experience.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$22.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:8.1% | IBU:110 | hp

Wayfinder Flower In The Kettle Hazy IPA

Tap#2 Wayfinder Brewing - Portland Metro Area

NEIPA, Bucketloads of juicy Mosaic hops balance between Amarillo and grapefruit forward Simcoe.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Hazy | ABV:6.7% | hp

Ruse Papyrus Iris IPA

Tap#3 Ruse Brewing Co. - Portland Metro Area

Another great IPA from the boy’s at Ruse.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$24.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:6.5% | IBU:45

Block 15 Hoppy New Year! IIPA

Tap#4 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Hoppy New Year! is an Imperial IPA brewed to ring in the New Year with a celebratory display of citrusy and tropical hops. Generous late-additions of Azacca, Citra, Amarillo, and Mosaic contribute lively notes of orange zest, grapefruit, tangerine, and papaya—balanced by a careful orchestration of specialty malts and English ale yeast. Hoppy New Year from Block 15!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:8.75% | IBU:100 | hp

Foreland Hubris Breed Golden IPA

Tap#5 Foreland Brewing Co. - Portland Metro Area

Hubris Breed is a Robust Golden IPA with Citra and Rakau Hops

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:7.4%

Foreland Sympathetic Resonance

Tap#6 Foreland Brewing Co.

West Coast IPA Featuring Nelson & Simcoe Hops

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:5.6%

Loyal Legion IPA $5

Tap#8 Loyal Legion

House West Coast style IPA

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$18.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:7%

Great Notion Sports IPA

Tap#9 Great Notion Brewing

Made with Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy hops, this IPA pays homage to our beloved Oregon college football teams, the Ducks and the Beavers.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:7%

Great Notion Changing Seasons

Tap#10 Great Notion - Portland Metro Area

Whether it’s cold and rainy or Hot and sunny, settle in with this refreshing pale ale. Dry hopped with Galaxy and Motueka and finished with a touch of Chamomile, orange peal, and clove it’s rich flavors are balanced with a crisp, light bitterness.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:7.1%

Boss Rambler Auto Chill Cold IPA

Tap#11 Boss Rambler Beer Club

Cold ipa double dry hopped with Nelson, mosaic, and simcoe hops.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$18.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:6.3%

GOW Skeletal Lightning

Tap#12 Grains Of Wrath Brewing

West Coast IPA with Citra, El Dorado, Simcoe, and Amarillo Hops. Flavors and aromas of bright citrus, watermelon, and spruce tips.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:6.6%

Great Notion Arctos Winter Cold IPA

Tap#13 Great Notion - Portland Metro Area

In the dead of winter, the elusive Arctic wolf makes its migration in the darkness. Introducing Arctos, a cold IPA brewed with an avalanche of Citra and Amarillo hops and ready to be brought back to your den.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:6.8%

Kings & Daughters: Queens & Sons IPA

Tap#14 Kings & Daughters Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Queens & Sons is inspired by the pub culture we experienced while living in England, as well as by our love for modern IPAs. We enjoyed nothing more than a weekend connecting with each other and the culture of the English countryside. These days often led to spending time in walled gardens, where the kids would gather rag-tag bouquets for us, or to long walks through woodlands before settling ourselves under a canopy of leafy trees in the warm months, or indoors by the fire in the cooler months, at favorite pubs. We created our Soft IPA with rituals of connection and culture in mind. Full in flavor, pillowy mouthfeel, complexity, and sessionable drinkability; Queens & Sons is ideal for any season and any session.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:5.3%

Fort George Beta 27 IPA

Tap#15 Fort George - Oregon Coast

Something to look forward to while you enjoy a taste now. Beta IPA 27s will be test batches for Fanzine IPA 2022, in collaboration with Block 15 out of Corvallis, Oregon. Brewers from both
locations met up at Crosby Hop Farm to hand-select the hops going into this West Coast IPA seasonal. They chose some Comet & Idaho 7 lots to pair with a few Mosaics we had on hand.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Hazy | ABV:7.5%

Ruse Inner Dream Pale Ale

Tap#16 Ruse Brewing Co.

This pale is brewed with pale malt and a splash of light crystal for a clean canvas to dose with mounds of sticky Simcoe!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Hazy | ABV:5.8%

Ruse Translator IPA

Tap#17 Ruse Brewing Co. - Portland Metro Area

A true west-coast-style IPA. This medium-bodied offering uses dry-hop additons to achieve tropical fruit flavors and aroma. Clean with a dry finish and a big-hop punch, this refreshing and easy to drink IPA won’t disappoint

$6.00 16oz $20.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:6.6% | IBU:60

Gigantic Pipewrench Gin BA IIPA

Tap#18 Gigantic - Portland Metro Area

Aged in Ransom Old Tom Gin Barrels. This tasty, refreshing beer is a blend of bright citrus and fruity hops, juniper, spice, and oak.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:7%

GOW Pandemic Hazy

Tap#19 Grains Of Wrath Brewing
$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.2%

Fort George Fields of Green IPA “Ursula”

Tap#20 Fort George - Oregon Coast

This evolving series is an exploration of hop-perception, pushing the limits of your lupulin receptors. Each batch is limited and brewed exclusively for the Pacific Northwest.

Ursula releases at the beginning of
November 2021

Hops: Motueka, Nectaron, Cashmere,
Malts: Superior Pilsner, Crisp Torrified
Wheat, Weyermann Carafoam, Admiral
Yolo Gold, Weyermann Acidulated
Yeast: Juice

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.8%

Gigantic Fear of the Dark Black IPA

Tap#21 Gigantic

Cacadian Dark Ale style, Cascade, Simcoe, Sultana Hops!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
IPA | ABV:6.3%

Baerlic Bright Thoughts IPA

Tap#22 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Citra, Mosaic, Strata and Chinook hops.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
IPA | ABV:6.9%

Block 15 Fresh Pow! IPA

Tap#23 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Fresh Pow is a IPA featuring resinous, citrusy, and tropical American and New Zealand hop varietals alongside a warm malt base designed to balance this wintry hop experience. Brewed in cooperation with Ashland artist Chris Herbst, Fresh Pow will be brewed often and released fresh.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:7%

Loyal Legion Pilsner $5

Tap#24 Loyal Legion

Loyal Legion House Pilsner, Crisp and Delicious.

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$18.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:5%

pFriem Extra Pale

Tap#26 Pfriem - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Fruity scents of melon and pineapple, and the juicy essence of strawberry and gooseberry make pFriem Extra Pale Ale taste great, but it’s the big hoppy aroma and full flavor that makes it ‘Extra.’

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Pale | ABV:6.5% | IBU:45

Pono Pineapple Express Kolsch

Tap#28 Pono Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Originally created for the 3rd annual Willamette Week Beer Pro/Am, beers created by local homebrewers and brewed on professional systems, local brewer Josh Huerta brewed this fun kolsch with tons of pineapple.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Kolsch | ABV:4.9% | IBU:27

Sunriver Shred Head Winter Warmer

Tap#30 Sunriver Brewing

Brewed once a year, Shred is a traditional UK style winter warmer with a Northwest twist. A blend of British pale, crystal and black barley creates a robust malt character. Freshly harvested Centennial hops from Crosby Hop Farm give the brew a big floral, citrus, and piney finish.
Hops: Chinook, Centennial

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:7% | IBU:50

Baerlic Baby Loaf Golden Rye Lager

Tap#32 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Smooth golden lager with a slight rye spice kick.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:5.1%

pFriem Hazy Citra Pale Ale

Tap#33 Pfriem

Golden hues with opaque haze topped with creamy white, frothy foam. Juicy flavors of mandarin orange, ripe mango, pineapple, super tropical, lavender, and starburst candy. Citrusy flavors of grapefruit, cream cycle,  Orange Julius, lychee, and key lime pie. Zesty, pithy, with a whipped foam finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:5.5% | IBU:30

Block 15 Ridgeback Red

Tap#34 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

A good example of balance…North West Style. Good malt profile provied by Munich and Vienna malts, perfectly complememted by both Noble and High Alpha hops. Dry-Hopped to provide a perfect amount of hop aroma.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Red | ABV:6.5%

2 Towns Cosmic Currant

Tap#35 2 Towns Cider - Willamette Valley

Otherworldly & complex, Cosmic Currant weaves Oregon cranberries with black currants and Northwest apples, creating a celestial cider experience complete with electric ruby hues and rich berry notes dancing their way across your tongue.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Cider | ABV:6.2%

Block 15 College Cream Ale

Tap#36 Block 15

College. What a time in life. Cramming for exams, weekends spent for gamedays, and everything in-between. Whether you’re still on campus, or remembering those old dorm days, this is the beer for you! This cream ale is a crisp and malt-driven beer that is complemented with Crystal hops for a floral and fruity aroma. For a full-body, we added flaked maize to give a complex profile. This easy-drinking beer had extended cold conditioning for a clean finish. A beer for any occasion!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$18.00 Growler
Cider | ABV:4.5%

Kings & Daughters Wintering Stout

Tap#37 Kings & Daughters Brewing

As we settle into the colder months, we gravitate towards all things comforting and cozy: steaming cups of tea, early morning candles, movie marathons that start at 1pm, and extra blankets on beds. We created this cozy stout with chilly, shorter days in mind. Fire up your fireplace, turn on the twinkle lights, grab a favorite book (have you read the Nevermoor Series?), and pour yourself a Wintering stout. Unique and special enough for a holiday evening, classic enough for an every-night at home, this smooth stout hints at coffee and chocolate, with a touch of vanilla.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:7.3%

Steeplejack Sailors Delight Tropical Stout

Tap#38 Steeplejack Brewing - Portland Metro Area

The tropical stout is one variation of the foreign extra stout, a bulked-up version of the standard stouts (this one is about double the ABV of my dry stout), that features a noticeable sweetness, prominent fruity flavors, and (of course) the dry, coffee-like flavors of roasted barley.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Stout | ABV:6.6%

Breakside Salted Caramel Stout

Tap#39 Breakside - Portland Metro Area

A dessert stout brewed with lactose caramel and fleur de sel, inspired by our friends Tyler & Kim Malek at Salt & Straw. Tyler has been working on perfecting a lactose caramel syrup that mimics the flavor in his sea salt and caramel ice cream. After a few test blends, we’re worried that this might be the most addictive dessert beer ever made.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$24.00 Growler
Stout | ABV:6.7% | hp

Block 15 Half Quart Rhubarb Wheat

Tap#40 Block 15

Fresh Tart wheat ale, saturated in fruit character, jam packed with ripe northwest strawberries and tart rhubarb!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Wheat | ABV:5%

Occidental Lucubrator Doppelbock

Tap#41 Occidental - Portland Metro Area

Our award-winning doppelbock is a dark and rich malty lager with a perfect balance of caramel, melanoidin, and a touch of roast malt. Its initial, subtle sweetness mellows nicely with subsequent sips, and a pleasant alcohol finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$14.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:6.7% | IBU:40

Pfriem Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine

Tap#45 Pfriem

Bourbon Barleywine is spicy and a bit surly, a beautifully big sipper with soft hits of caramel, baking spice and oak. Spicy and impetuous now, with years of aging, this big brew will mellow with transcendent complexity and luscious mouthfeel. It’s a sturdy nightcap to slip on, during and after a rich, saucy meal.

$8.00 8oz $5.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:11%

Upright Dunkelweisse

Tap#46 Upright

Traditional Wheat Ale, Open Fermented.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:4.25%

Baerlic Night Howler Imp. Stout

Tap#47 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Deep notes of bitter chocolate, charred bread and epic coffee

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$24.00 Growler
Stout | ABV:10%

Yachats Cannon Foeder

Tap#48 Yachats

Flanders style Sour!

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster

Von Ebert Pilsner

Tap#49 Von Ebert Brewing - Portland Metro Area

A crisp, German-style Pilsner brewed with Perle and Tettnanger hops.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Pilsner | ABV:4.9% | IBU:25 | hp

Monkless Dubbel Or Nothing

Tap#50 Monkless Belgian Ales - Central Oregon

Belgian Dubbel.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:7.2%

Arch Rock Gold Beach Lager

Tap#51 Arch Rock - Oregon Coast

This beer is an unfiltered German style lager, also known as “zwickel bier”. It is smooth, crisp and refreshing which is a product of the longer, cooler fermentation. Don’t be misled by its light yellow color, this lager has much more flavor than your typical American style lager. This beer features German Hallertau hops, which give its distinct flavor and hints of citrus or lemon. The carbonation leaves the perfect tingle on your tongue.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Lager | ABV:5% | IBU:26 | hp

Occidental Hefeweizen

Tap#52 Occidental - Portland Metro Area

Our hefeweizen is of the classic Bavarian variety. Made with 70% wheat, lightly hopped with German Hallertauer, it’s refreshing and slightly dry with the beguiling banana and clove notes that give away the provenance of the true weizen yeast we use. This is a German-style wheat beer the way it should be–no lemon needed to make up for inadequacy.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Hefe | ABV:4.7% | IBU:4

Loyal Legion Golden Ale $5

Tap#53 Loyal Legion

Loyal Legion House Golden Ale

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$18.00 Growler
Hefe | ABV:5%

Gigantic International Caramel Coffee Stout

Tap#54 Gigantic

Inspired by memories of whiling our days away in European cafés, we brewed this luxurious stout with notes of rich coffee and decadent caramel.  Now what was that waiter’s name?

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Hefe | ABV:7.2%

pFriem Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Tap#55 Pfriem - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Belgians say, “Op uw gezondheid’” when toasting, but you don’t have to speak Flemish to appreciate the bold, complex flavors of fig dipped in dark chocolate, ripe fruit and toffee in this immense Ale. Op uw gezondheid!

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:10% | IBU:38

Claim 52 Porter

Tap#56 Claim 52

Classic American Porter

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:6%

ForeLand Weight Forward Pale

Tap#57 Foreland Brewing Co.

Smooth Crushable Pale Ale

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:5.5%

Bauman’s Clyde’s All the Berries Cider

Tap#58 Bauman Cider Co.

Growing up on a berry farm meant that summers were filled with incentives like not being able to go swimming in the river until you had picked your target number of pounds of berries each day. I vividly remember the excitement of putting our crates on the scale to see if we were released to swim! With just as much eagerness, I present to you my tribute to Oregon berries. All the Berries is a semi-sweet cider filled with flavor from three of my favorites that we grow: blueberries, raspberries and marionberries.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:6.2%

Baerlic Yippee KI-PA

Tap#59 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

The greatest Christmas movie themed IPA of all time!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:7.1%

Avid Black Apple Cider

Tap#60 Avid Cider Co. - Central Oregon

Apple Cider, Blackberry Juice, Currant Juice. “North West to the Core”

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Cider | ABV:6.2%

Ancestry Cream Ale NITRO

Tap#61 Ancestry Brewing Co - Portland Metro Area

A light refreshing ale that exhibits lager characteristics. Barley, corn, and oats mixed together with bitter gold hops to provide a drinkable summer delight.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$18.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:5.8%

10 Barrel Pray For POW Winter Warmer NITRO

Tap#62 10 Barrel - Central Oregon

Winter Warmer on nitro.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:7% | IBU:60

Hopworks Abominable Red NITRO

Tap#63 Hopworks Urban - Portland Metro Area

This mythological beer emerges from the depths of our brewery every winter. Made with Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe hops and six organic malts, “A-Bomb” has a complex floral, spicy and citrus hoppiness backed up by just the right amount of malt sweetness.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:7.3% | IBU:70 | hp

Wild Ride 3 Sisters Red Nitro

Tap#66 Wild Ride - Central Oregon

We teamed up with Cascade Hop Farm to create a fresh twist on our award winning 3 Sisters Red by adding Cascade and Centennial hops grown in Central Oregon

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Nitro | ABV:6% | IBU:45

Gigantic IPA NITRO

Tap#67 Gigantic - Portland Metro Area

True to its name. Cascade, Centennial, Crystal and Simcoe create a citrusy hop confluence that continuously embiggens with each drink. The embodiment of our brewing philosophy to “Never Give An Inch”.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:7.3%

Wild Ride Nut Crusher Peanut Porter

Tap#68 Wild Ride - Central Oregon

We love beer. We love peanut butter. Nut Crusher Porter is here to bring the best of these two worlds together! All of the wonderful flavors of a nutty, chocolatey, caramel porter, complimented by the addition of creamy peanut butter flavor. It’s a true liquid peanut butter cup, and it’s here for you to enjoy.


$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$16.00 Growler
Nitro | ABV:6% | IBU:18

Coopers Hall Rosé Of Pinot Noir

Tap#69 Coopers Hall

This year we diverged from our 100% Alexeli estate fruit Rosé and created a blend with 45% arriving from Paradis Vineyard, a L.I.V.E. and Salmon Safe Certified vineyard near McMinnville for a bit of extra depth. Similar growing styles paired with variations in micro-climate made for a fun blending session with our wine team. LIVE and Salmon Safe Certified, Dry Farmed, Vegan.

$10.00 5oz

Coopers Hall 2018 Pinot

Tap#70 Coopers Hall - Portland Metro Area

A juicy fruit forward profile is balanced by mid-palate tannin and nuanced acidity. This blend of two separate Willamette Valley vineyards brings together the warmer microclimate of the Eola-Amity Hills with the cooler areas of the Cascade Foothills; adding both bright acidity and ripe aromatics. Excellent wine for casual evenings and weekday nights.

$12.00 5oz

Coopers Hall Cascadia White Wine

Tap#71 Coopers Hall - Portland Metro Area

Müller-Thurgau, Riesling and Gewurztraminer come together to teach us just how lovely an aromatic white wine can be.

$8.00 5oz

Coopers Hall Cascade Red Blend Wine

Tap#72 Coopers Hall - Portland Metro Area

A blend of Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir from several AVAs that has come together in a simple, tasty little wine. Great with a burger. Great with great company.

$8.00 5oz

Alesong Coconut Rhino Suit Imperial Stout

Tap#73 Alesong Brewing

Imperial Milk Stout aged in Bourbon barrels with Coconut.

$10.00 8oz $5.00 Taster
Wine | ABV:12.4%

Monkless Restitution Golden Pale Ale

Tap#74 Monkless Belgian Ales - Central Oregon

Belgian golden Pale ale.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$22.00 Growler
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:7.6% | IBU:26

Little Beast Bes Tart Wheat Ale

Tap#75 Little Beast Brewing. - Portland Metro Area

Tart Wheat Ale brewed with Belgian malts, Noble hops and chamomile flower. Fermented with a blend of unique Saccharomyces yeast and conditioned with Lactobacillus. Juicy, bright and balanced

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:6%

Baerlic Noble Oatmeal Stout

Tap#76 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Oatmeal stouts include oatmeal in their grist, resulting in a pleasant, full flavor and a smooth profile that is rich without being grainy. A roasted malt character which is caramel-like and chocolate-like should be evident – smooth and not bitter. Coffee-like roasted barley and roasted malt aromas (chocolate and nut-like) are prominent.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Stout | ABV:6.2% | IBU:60

Little Beast Folkvangr Dark Saison

Tap#77 Little Beast Brewing.


Barrel Fermented Dark Saison. We used a Norwegian farmhouse strain of yeast, chocolate wheat & kilned coffee malts, and Callista & Hallertau Blanc hops to produce a perfect beer for this weather. Robust and round, pleasantly dry and very drinkable.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:6.7%

Portland Cider English Pub Cider

Tap#78 Portland Cider - Portland Metro Area

A play on the heritage of Portland Cider, this cider was crafted to represent the owners Jeff & Lynda. Aged for 6 months, this medium sweet cider is a blend of 30+ heirloom varietal traditional cider apples from Yamhill county blended with our classic NW apple cider base. The perfect marriage of English tradition and NW apples to create a stunning masterpiece.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Cider | ABV:7.5%

Mazama Saison

Tap#81 Mazama Brewing

This traditional Belgian farmhouse style beer is spiced with black pepper, orange peel, juniper berries, & coriander.

$6.00 16oz
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:6%

Ecliptic Capella Porter

Tap#82 Ecliptic - Portland Metro Area

Twinkling in the autumn night sky is Capella, a pair of binary stars. Capella Porter marks the end of the harvest season (Samhain), as we transition into the darker half of the year. A collection of American hops (Nugget, Chinook, Centennial and Cascade) brighten this lively porter. A chocolate nose is followed by caramel notes and a smooth finish.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$18.00 Growler
Porter | ABV:5.2% | IBU:39

Block 15 Spontaneous Berliner Weisse

Tap#83 Block 15 - Willamette Valley

Classic wheat sour.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:3%

Rev Nat’s Viva La Pineapple

Tap#84 Rev Nat - Portland Metro Area

This cider is a blend of fermented fresh apple juice (sourced, like all the apples I use, from Oregon and Washington, but mostly Eastern Washington in the case of this cider), and unfermented fresh pineapple juice. A touch of spice is added (cinnamon and cloves and allspice) and it is not to be consumed by those allergic to pineapples.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster$24.00 Growler
Cider | ABV:6.9%

Fracture/Good Coffee Milk Stout $5

Tap#85 Fracture Brewing - Portland Metro Area

A collab with the new brewery Fracture and Good Coffee, big notes of chocolate, coffee, and cream. A stout perfect for the colder months and to help keep you warm and cozy.

$5.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$18.00 Growler
Winter Showcase | ABV:5.6%

Baerlic Pancake House Cocoa Maple Coffee Stout

Tap#86 Baerlic Brewing - Portland Metro Area

Pancake House Cocoa Maple Coffee Stout: 11.5% ABV Russian Imperial Stout brewed with loads of coffee( in the mash AND in the fermenter), maple syrup, cocoa nibs and lactose. Drink it or goo up yer hotcakes, either way works for us!!

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:11.5%

Block 15/De Garde Winter Amusement 21

Tap#87 Block 15

Our 2021 blend of Amusement features a golden saison from Block 15, blended with two year old spontaneously fermented & oak-aged wild ale from de Garde Brewing, then dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops. The result is a delightfully dry, complex blend with notes of gooseberries and tart fruit.

$8.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:5.4%

Alesong Barrel Aged Kriek $10

Tap#88 Alesong Brewing - Willamette Valley

Robed in bright vermillion and with an aroma reminiscent of fresh cherry pie, our Kriek is a Pacific Northwest ode to Belgian Lambic brewers who craft these tart, fruity and complex beers. Ours was matured on a mountain of whole Oregon cherries and finished with a hint of vanilla for balance.

$10.00 8oz $5.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:7%

Ruzzo Razzleberry Sparkling Hard Seltzer

Tap#89 Ruzzo Sparkling Citrus - Portland Metro Area

Lemon raspberry sparkling citrus seltzer.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$20.00 Growler
Hard Seltzer | ABV:6.5%

Ecliptic Tucana Tangerine Sour Ale

Tap#90 Ecliptic

A twist of tangerine plays with the balanced tartness of this sunset-hued sour ale.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster$18.00 Growler
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:4.8% | hp

Ferment Seigle Loup Farmhouse Rye

Tap#91 FERMANT Brewing

Farmhouse Rye Ale. Collab with Wolves and People Farmhouse Brewing.

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Farmhouse/Saison/Belgian | ABV:6.1%

2 Towns Imp. Fruitcake Fruit Cider

Tap#92 2 Towns Cider - Willamette Valley

‘Tis the season to be cozy…
Fruity and delicate, this cellar series comes in with a sprinkle of spice to ring in the holidays. Fruitcake is just as it sounds. Fruity, with a little sweetness and really warm spicy notes on the finish. Reminiscent of your grandmother’s fruitcake coming straight out of the oven and wafting through the halls.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:9%

Little Beast Flash Bang Pomegranate Sour

Tap#93 Little Beast Brewing.

A naturally soured lager fermented beer with a unique strain of Lactobacillus that encourages a clean profile and is exploding with juicy pomegranate!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Winter Showcase | ABV:5.8%

Mikkeller 2019 Beer Geek Brunch

Tap#95 Mikkeller - Portland Metro Area

A Stout made with Cà Phê Chồn – one of the world’s rarest coffees, imported from Vietnam. Coffee beans are collected, cleaned and roasted after going through the digestive tract of the luwak, a type of civet with very particular tastes. Roasted malt links coffee, citrus and dark chocolate to form a potent brew leading to a hoppy, happy, bitter citrus finish.

$6.00 10oz $3.00 Taster
Stout | ABV:10.9%

pFriem Flanders BA Blonde

Tap#96 Pfriem - Mt. Hood and the Gorge

Every batch of pFriem Flanders Blonde spends eighteen months in an oak barrel where it inherits the flavors and aromas of the Pinot Noir that was once aged in the very same cask. Now overflowing with notes of green apple, hints of lemon zest and a spritzy finish, this ale is definitely ready for a glass of its very own.

$8.00 8oz $5.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:7.1% | IBU:19 | hp

Double Mountain/Gigantic Wonder Twins Cask IPA

Tap#97 Gigantic

Wondertwins IPA rests on a house Kviek yeast strain from Double Mountain, with Comet and Citra hops, that creates a beer that dazzles with  grapefruit, tangerine, and citrus zest, prevailing over the forces of evil. This IPA is made by superheroes for the superhero in  everyone. Brewed hot…served cold, Wondertwins, Activate!

$6.00 16oz $3.00 Taster
Sour/Wild Ale | ABV:6.5%

Ablis CBD Strawberry Mojito NA

Tap#98 Ablis CBD Sparkling Beverages - Central Oregon

A little sweet, a little fruity, and 100% refreshing. Ablis Strawberry Mojito, a  sparkling CBD drink, with no calories, no sugar, and no sodium it’s all guts and no-nonsense. Best enjoyed on the trail, at the summit, or around the campfire.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
CBD And N/A Beverage

Aurora Lavender Spice CBD Elixir

Tap#99 Aurora CBD Elixir - Portland Metro Area

25mg CBD Elixir.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
CBD And N/A Beverage

Boneyard Lemon Ginger Elixir CBD

Tap#100 Boneyard - Central Oregon

Non Alcoholic Lemon Ginger Beer with CBD.

$6.00 12oz $3.00 Taster
CBD And N/A Beverage